5 Back to School Crafts

Summertime for children means nothing but having fun in the sun with no responsibilities at all. Your children may have sports practice, music lessons, or other similar activities, but the absence of school means they can relax for a few months until the start of the next semester.

But while your children may be enjoying their time away, there is a good chance they have been letting their arts and crafts skills become rusty outside the classroom. So once the first bell rings, here are five back to school crafts you can do together to get them back in the mood to learn all about the world!

1. Stories From Summer

Remember all of those fun things you did over the summer as a family? Don’t let your child forget about them once school starts – instead, have them create a storybook of their own about all of their fun adventures.

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In a regular journal, work with your child to recap everything you did together. Help them write if it they need, and give suggestions on what to include. Once the story is finished, ask them to decorate it with kids arts and crafts supplies, and make sure they get creative with colors and designs.

This is a great way for them to tell their friends about the summer in a fun and creative craft.

2. Personalized Backpack

If your child uses a backpack to carry their things, why not make it personalized with a few art supplies? Find pins, glitter, glue, paints, and anything else you want for this craft. Once your child knows how they want to decorate the bag, help them out to make sure it turns out well. Make sure to write their name on it for everyone to see, and watch as they carry it to school with pride on the first day.

3. “My Family” Book Cover

This is another great way for your child to show their love for your family. With a brown paper bag, cut out enough material that can fully cover your child’s book or binder for protective purposes – make sure to seal it down with tape, not glue. Once you have done this, have your child decorate it with a drawing of your family. Make sure they include all members, pets, and even a picture of your house – this will act as a nice reminder of you to your child each day in the classroom.

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4. Decorated Picture Frame

This works well with students who have desks of their own. Develop a picture of you and your family together, and glue it to a piece of paper. Then, have your child decorate the outside of it with glitter, paint, colored pencils, and other supplies. Have them place it in their desk so they can see their family throughout the day.

This craft also works well with a plain wooden picture frame.

5. Create Your Own T-Shirt

This last option is a great family craft that gives your child the ability to design his or her own clothes! Have your child draw a picture of their favorite moment in the summer, and make sure they use as many colors as possible. Once finished, purchase a plain white t-shirt. Then, you can either silkscreen the design onto the shirt yourself, or send it into a company that will do it for you.

The result will be a stylish shirt that your child can be truly proud of. Don’t be surprised if they want to wear it on the first day of school!

Kids Arts and Crafts for Going Back to School

The summer is almost over – and school is about to begin! So once the days cool, come together as a family and try these fun back to school crafts with your children.


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