5 Fun and Challenging Family Games

Having a routine family game night is one of the best ways to get together with the people you love. It gives you a great reason to sit down at the table as a family for the night, and provides endless opportunity for fun and excitement while you compete with and against one another over a few family games.

This year then, consider starting a new family tradition of having a family game night once a week. And once you get it started, make sure you include these games for families that everyone will love:

1. Charades

This game may seem a bit cliché, especially with so many other options available, but charades is truly a timeless game for families that should be included at least once in awhile. By playing charades, teammates must directly interact with one another, and must use their intuition and critical analysis skills to correctly read the actions of the partner. Plus, it requires virtually no materials, other than a wild imagination and a few players, and you can start a game anywhere you are.

2. Places that Start with the Letter…

This game really includes a variety of different games, all that center around the basic theme of geography. To start, pick a letter, and go around the table with each person listing a place that starts with the same letter (you can name cities, states, countries, or even favorite locales around town that you like to visit).

Then, to add to the fun, change the game around by having the first person say any place, now requiring the second person to say another place that starts with the LAST letter of the first place. For example, if player one says Japan, player two must say something that starts with the letter ‘n.’

3. Tell a Family Story

For this fun game night game, the whole family tries to tell a story, although each person can only say one word (the first person says one word, second person says one more, and so on). Of course, each word should make sense directly behind the last one that was said, but after a while this game will help you create a fun little story that you all created together.

4. Match Those Colored Sticks!

Of course, it is always fun to bring in some kids games to the mix during family game night. And if you want something the little ones will love, grab the new Color Stix from Imagine Toys®. This great kids game has players match different colored sticks with one another, requiring a keen eye and an urge to have fun!

Color Stix game available at imaginetoys.com

5. Take Crazy Family Photos

This may not exactly be a game, but it is a fun and silly way to spend some quality time with the kids. Grab a basket full of funny stage props from a local costume store (for example, a clown nose or a dark moustache). Bring these home for the kids, and spend an hour one night trying on different costumes and taking pictures. Who knows – you may just create some memories that you will treasure forever.

Get Ready for Game Night

Game night is a great way to gather around the table with those you love. Take some time this year to try these fun games with the little ones.


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