5 Games for Backyard Fun

Summer is the perfect time for you to head into the backyard with your children and play around together as a family. And of course, while tried-and-true games like ‘catch’ and ‘tag’ might be a blast, there are numerous fun games out there that you may have never considered, but may be a wonderfully exciting way to spend your time outdoors. Try out these five fun outdoor play kids games with your little ones before the summer ends:

1. Bocce Ball

This fun backyard game is a mixture of miniature golf, croquet, and bowling, and is sure to be a blast for the entire family. To get started with this game, all you need is a bocce ball set from a local sporting store, which should include a variety of different colored balls for each player, as well as a metal ‘jack.’ The goal is to toss the ball as close to the jack as possible, with players being allowed to knock each other’s balls away from the target location.

2. Badminton

This age-old game is simple to set up in your backyard, is a blast to play with two or more players, and will develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills in your little ones. All you need is a few racquets, a birdie, and a net, and you can have endless fun out back during the entire summer!

3. Lawn Darts

The game of lawn darts is another great way to spend the warmer months. But instead of relying on a traditional set, pick up the Ogo Copter Darts for you and your family. This great set of darts comes tipped with soft foam, and will ensure safety and fun for everyone.

Ogo Copter Darts available at imaginetoys.com

4. T-Ball

Baseball is a fantastic game for you to play with your kids, but it often requires that they have a keen sense of hand-eye coordination, as well as the overall ability to connect the bat with a ball that is coming straight at them. Instead of placing this pressure on your children, eliminate the stress of the pitch, and place them in front of a t-ball stand with the baseball sitting on top. This allows your children to swing away at the ball on their own time, giving them a sense of confidence, and allowing them to swing for the fences.

5. Jump Rope

Nowadays jumping rope has largely become an activity for those interested in getting in shape either at home or in a local gym. But while it is a great activity for fitness, jumping rope can also be a great outdoor play kids game to perform with the entire family. All you need is a large jump rope, a few basic songs, and kids that are ready to hop around and have some fun!

Outside is the Best Place to Play Games for Kids

Don’t let your kids sit indoors and watch TV this summer. Instead, pick up everything you need for these five fun games for kids and head into the great outdoors together!


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