5 Hot Summer Toys

With school out for the summer, and the kids at home all day, it is important to stock up on a variety of fun summer toys to help keep everyone active and busy. And of course, if you are looking for a few perfect options that your kids are sure to love, Imagine Toys® has a variety of new award-winning toys that children across the country have fallen in love with. Here are five hot summer toys to keep the kids entertained during these scorching summer months:

1. Swingball

It’s not tennis; it’s not paddleball; and it’s not tetherball – instead, it is a new twist on these classic games that your children are sure to love. This fun outdoor toy comes with a small tetherball base connected to a tennis ball on a string, as well as two paddles with which your children can swing away. Fill the base with water or sand, and get ready to use this outdoor toy wherever your children want.

Swingball at imaginetoys.com

2. Chalktrail

If your little ones can already keep upright on a bike, add some extra fun to the mix by bringing home this fun new kids toy. Attach this great kids toy to the back of your child’s bike, put the piece of chalk into place, and let them ride around while creating a beautiful chalk arts and crafts project. Swap out the pieces of chalk to add some extra color variations with this exciting new summer toy.

Chalktrail for Bikes at imaginetoys.com

3. RingStix

Maintaining a supply of active toys can help ensure that your little ones stay happy and healthy throughout the entire summer season. And for the perfect active toy for the whole family, try RingStix, a new summer activity from Imagine Toys®. This cool kids game lets you launch rings up to 50 yards, and even comes with a glow-in-the-dark ring to allow for nighttime play.

RingStix available at imaginetoys.com

4. Skylight Rocket

With the summer days lasting longer, make sure you have this new nighttime summer toy for your children to enjoy. It comes with two light-up rockets that soar high into the sky by having your children jump on the connected launch pad. This great new kids toy is sure to be a blast for the whole family!

Skylight Rocket available at imaginetoys.com

5. Zipline Adventure

If you have a little bit of extra space in your backyard, and a few large trees spaced a distance apart, then this new kids toy is sure to provide endless fun for the little ones. Zipline Adventure comes with 90 feet of line to stretch across an area, and can hold an individual up to 250 pounds. It is quick and easy to set up, it is durable, and it will let the children zip around under the summer sun this year.

Zipline Adventure available at imaginetoys.com

Award-Winning Toys for the Children You Love

It is always a wonderful feeling when summer finally arrives again. And to ensure that it is another great season, bring home these five fun new toys for the children that you love.


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