5 Summer Bubble Activities

Bubbles are easy to make, they are educational, and they provide virtually endless entertainment for children of all ages. And with a little bit of planning, you can create your very own bubble fun this year with a few simple tools. All you need is some bubble mix, a few wands, and children with a wild imagination who are willing to try out these five fun bubble activities for kids!

1. Big Bubbles with a Paper Cone

If you want to make big bubbles fly high in the sky, take a regular piece of paper, roll it up into the shape of a cone, and dip the small opening of the cone into regular bubble liquid. Blow gently through the cone – as the liquid travels to the larger end of the paper it should start to expand out into a large bubble!

2. Make Your Own Unbreakable Bubble Mix

The unbreakable bubble is something that every kid dreams of – and you can make your own this summer with a few easy materials. Grab a package of gelatin, one cup of just-boiled water, a few ounces of glycerin, and a small bottle of baby shampoo (8 ounces should work). Mix the gelatin into the hot water, and once it’s dissolved stir everything else in as well. Once it cools you can use this mixture to make super-strong bubbles with the kids.

3. Paint with Bubbles

If your kids love to try out new arts and crafts ideas, they’ll love this fun bubble activity. Take some regular bubble mix (or the super strong kind!), and stir in some Tempera paint. Blow bubbles towards a piece of poster board – if they pop on their own, they should make a beautifully artistic design. If you need, pop them on your own once the bubbles get close to the paper to help your children make their very own bubble art.

4. Create a Bubble Lava Lamp

This easy science project lets your children observe different types of bubbles floating around. Grab a water class, and fill it up until there are one or two inches left from the top. Add a few ounces of vegetable oil to the water – and point out to your kids how the water and oil separate immediately. Then, add some salt into the mixture, and watch and see what happens in this fun activity for kids!

5. Six-Pack of Bubbles

If your family drinks canned beverages, keep around one of the plastic six-pack holders to use this summer for a fun bubble activity for kids. Dip the plastic six-pack holder in bubble mix, and have your children blow. You should be able to create six different bubbles at once. You can experiment with different shapes after that by making different cuts in the plastic, or even cut away all of the extra plastic interior pieces to create one giant bubble.

Bubble fun For Everyone

Playing with bubbles is a timeless activity that requires a bit of imagination, and that can help entertain your kids with little preparation. So this summer, try these five fun bubble activities for kids and enjoy the season together!


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