5 Tips for Traveling By Plane with Toddlers

No matter how hectic your schedule may be, and no matter how many responsibilities you may have, it is always wonderful to hop on plane and go on a family vacation with the kids that you love. But if you have toddlers to take care of, the idea of flying for extended periods of time may leave you anxious and frightened, even causing you to stay home instead.

As a parent of little ones though, you deserve a chance to take a break and relax – so try these five tips when on the plane with your toddlers to make the flight a breeze!

Traveling by airplane with a toddler

1. Always Be Early

Although the general rule for travel says that you should arrive to the airport nearly two hours before your plane departs, family vacationing with toddlers means that you may want to add an extra hour on that time to account for bathroom breaks, lost toys, tantrums, and even stops for food along the way. Even if this seems like a lot of wasted time, remember that once you get off the plane you can look forward to family vacation.

2. Bring Snacks

A plane can get loud, hot, and stuffy, and a hungry toddler will become fussy and start to cry and scream in these conditions. To make sure that your little ones keep to themselves, bring along all of their favorite snacks, and let them munch throughout the entire travel process.

3. Use Music

Because the interior of the plane may be filled with noise from the engine and cabin, your toddler may have an extremely difficult time falling to sleep, instead crying every second to get your attention. If you want to calm your kids down though, and even get them to sleep, bring some large headphones (note: not earbuds), some of your children’s favorite tunes, and an MP3 player. When they look tired, have them listen to some quiet music as they drift off to sleep.

4. Clothes and Blankets Are Important

The atmosphere of a plane always seem to work in opposition to how you feel – if you are too hot, the heat often blasts out of the vents; but if you are too cold, the air condition gets stuck in the on position. Don’t let this upset your children though – make to layer their clothes appropriately, so that they can always take off or put on to keep comfortable throughout the trip.

5. Relax and Prepare for Anything

It often doesn’t matter what you do to prepare – each trip comes with its own set of surprises, some of which may seem like unfortunate setbacks that leave the family in disarray for a few hours. But remember that while small misfortunes on the flight, such as nauseous children or terrifying turbulence, might bring about a few tears, once the plane lands you can get ready for a family vacation filled with family time fun.

Get Ready to Fly!

If you are the proud parents of a toddler or two, then you understand how scary it may seem to travel together in a enclosed plane for hours on end. But if you want to get away and family vacation together, try these five simple tips to keep calm and enjoy your hard-earned relaxation.


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