5 Best Ways to Capture Holiday Memories with Your Kids

With the holiday season in full swing, it is easy to find ourselves rushing about to make preparations for impending visits from family members, parties we need to hosts, and even extra activities in which our children will be participating. And while we all may have little time calm down, making sure to find adequate time to make lasting memories with our little ones is a perfect way to forever enjoy the spirit of these holidays. Before the new year finally rolls around, try these five kids activities to make holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Make Your Own Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree with your children can be a fun and interactive kids activity that the whole family will love. And if you want to ensure you have holiday memories throughout the years, create your own homemade ornaments with personal twists of your own. You can use paints, clay, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, or any other arts and crafts supplies you own for this kids activity. For an extra addition, frame small copies of your kids photos with supplies you have at home, and keep them as ornaments to make kids memories each year.

2. Find Time for a Family Picture

With so many holiday activities throughout the season, you may find little time to do anything that’s not already on the schedule. But if you can spare a few minutes, try gathering together with the whole group to take a collective family picture. This simple holiday activity will give you a wonderful picture of everyone together, and provides you with a small piece of holiday memorabilia that you can keep forever.

Even if you only have your children pose for the camera, these kids photos can be kept in an album at home, and can be perused years later as you dream of all of the wonderful holiday memories you created during family time.

3. Paint Holiday Plates

This fun and simple kids activity is a great way to monitor your children’s creativity throughout the years. For this holiday activity, you need white ceramic plates and some acrylic paint. Give each one of your kids a plate, and let them paint on it whatever designs they would like. Make sure to let the paint dry before anyone uses it for food.

Beyond supplying you with extra dishes, this fun holiday activity lets you spend family time with the kids, and supplies you with an exciting new holiday activity tradition that you can do together each year.

4. Try Handmade Gifts for Family

Although it can be tempting to let everyone purchase gifts for one another during the holiday season, you can make many more holiday memories by creating your own homemade and handmade gifts for your loved ones. You can have your children make bookmarks, clay figures, knit items, or try their hands at any other kids activities. Though the effort may be more, the simple gesture of making a gift will help create holiday memories for all.

5. Always Stay Positive

While this isn’t a kids activity, it is an extremely important part of making lasting holiday memories as a family. Because the holiday season can be stressful, we often find ourselves forgetting about the beauty of family time, instead wishing that the New Year would finally arrive.

But though it may seem hectic and often times unpleasant, having a positive attitude towards this once-a-year season will ensure that everyone stays happy, and that there is ample time to make lasting kids memories.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect chance to spend family time with those we love. And as you do, keep these five ideas in mind to create kids memories that you can keep in your mind for the rest of time.


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