5 Ways to Show Love to Grandparents

Unless your children’s grandparents live close by, it is likely that they see each other only once in awhile. Or, if you are lucky, the grandparents live only a few houses down and come over every Sunday evening for dinner.

No matter what the connection is between your kids and their grandparents though, it is necessary to instill in your children a sense of love and respect for these extremely important members of the family. And if you didn’t know already, today is Grandparents’ Day, a time to show grandparents your eternal love. This week then, we have included five simple ways to help the kids show love for your own parents when the holiday rolls around:

1. A Date Out on the Town

One of the simplest ways for your little ones to show love to their grandparents is by having them spend a whole day together out on the town. They can enjoy the day by going to the park, seeing animals at the zoo, visiting a museum, or by just wandering about town enjoying each other’s company.

2. Bring Grandparents to School

If your children are encouraged to bring a parent to school one day, step aside and suggest that grandma or grandpa take your place instead. This will make one (or both) of the grandparents feel like a very special part of your child’s life, and will give them a sense of what goes on in school on a daily basis.

3. Make Photo Memories Together

While grandparents may not have tons of photos from when they were children, you can make sure that all of the traditions you start together now are memorialized forever by taking pictures of everyone together. Whether you are enjoying a special day together, or just hanging out, a picture will act as the perfect reminder of the experience you shared together.

4. Paint a Picture for the Grandparents

Nothing truly says “I love you” than a handmade kids arts and crafts project that the children completed themselves. And for the perfect way to surprise the grandparents this year, make sure the children are able to use their new Tree of Life Arts Set. This fantastic new kids arts and crafts set will help the little ones paint pictures and do art projects to give to grandma and grandpa this year.

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5. Listen to Stories

Grandparents are generally the oldest living generation within a family. And, as such, they hold information regarding history that we are all too young to have experienced. Encourage your children to listen to their grandparents speak this year about fun things they did when they were just little ones themselves.

Let’s Celebrate Grandparents Together This Year

For many of us, our grandparents helped shape the people that we have become today. And in order to say “thank you,” and help our own children show love for their grandparents, try these five simple activities this year on Grandparents’ Day.


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