6 Creative and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Creative and easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is a truly wonderful holiday to celebrate with children. And whether or not your family observes Easter as a religious holiday, there are still many incredibly fun activities you can try as a family on this special Sunday. Indeed, from decorating eggs and going hunting for them in the morning, or telling your children stories of the Easter Bunny, the day is rife with opportunities to have fun.

One of the most enjoyable activities to perform on Easter involves making special crafts together, ones that specifically relate to the day itself. And if your children love playing with arts and crafts supplies, consider trying these six simple yet creative Easter crafts for kids that the whole family is certain to love.

An Easter Bunny Mask

So many children love the story and magic of the Easter Bunny; and this year, you can help them dress up like this loveable character with a fun children’s Easter craft activity for the whole family. To make an Easter Bunny mask, you will need a Popsicle stick (to use as a holder), a pink pom pom (from a craft store), and some pipe cleaners. Glue the pom pom to one end of the stick, and wrap the pipe cleaners so that they are sticking out like whiskers. Have your child hold this up to his or her face and you’ll have your very own miniature Easter Bunny this year.

Make Chicks with a Cork

You can make adorable little yellow chicks with nothing more than a cork, some paper, and some yellow paint. To get started, grab one or two corks (or as many as you need for all of the children in the house. Cover one end of the cork in yellow paint, and place it like a stamp on the piece of paper; it should leave a yellow circle behind. Using a pen, draw eyes on the circle, along with little feet, wings, and a beak, and presto – you have an adorable little chick that you can use to decorate on Easter Morning.

Carrot Footprints

Perhaps one of the cutest and simplest children’s Easter craft activities involves making carrots with your little ones’ footprints, which produces a delightful finished product that is in line with theme of spring. To create this Easter craft for kids, trace your children’s footprints on a piece of paper and cut it out. Then, color the footprints orange with paint, colored pencils, or another arts and crafts supply. Finally, cut up strips of green construction paper and glue them to the top of the footprint (above the feet); take a step back and you should see an orange carrot with green sprouts.

Jelly Bean Bracelets

Did your children find a few jelly beans in their Easter basket this year? If so, consider trying this fun and creative Easter-themed arts and crafts activity for kids, which is best performed with the help of an adult.

To begin, you will need a handful of different colored jelly beans, a needle, and some string or cord to use as the bracelet. Take the needle and poke a complete hole through as many jellybeans as you would like on the bracelet (unless your child is of an appropriate age, this task is best performed by an adult). Once you have holes poked in the jelly beans, have your child thread the string or cord through, and tie a knot at the end. Once you’re finished you will have a jelly bean bracelet, or even a necklace, anklet, or other piece of jewelry.

Decorate an Easter Bag for the Egg Hunt

If your children are participating in an egg hunt this Easter, either in the backyard or out with friends, consider letting them decorate their egg basket or bag in an Easter-themed and festive manner. If they bring a tote bag, you can let them draw pictures of spring scenery, baby animals, and even an Easter Bunny hopping along and hiding eggs. Or, if they bring a wicker basket to pick up eggs, you can have them decorate this with ribbons, paints, and other arts and crafts supplies.

Dye Easter Eggs

Finally, don’t let this Easter pass by without painting some eggs. There are a million ways to color eggs, can you try something new this year?

Did you know you can dye eggs naturally? Try using onion skins, beets, coffee, turmeric, apples, teas, and other brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and spices. You have to make the dye ahead of time and then soak boiled eggs in the dyes to make amazing and beautiful colors. You can even polish them with a little oil to brighten them after dyeing.

For a creative twist, consider adding some tie dye coloring to the eggs instead. One of the easiest ways to tie dye eggs is by moistening a paper towel with a mixture of vinegar and water, place drops of different colored food coloring all of the paper towel, and wrapping an egg inside, securing it with a rubber band. After an hour you can open it up and see the masterpiece within!

You can even paint eggs with acrylic paint, color them with crayons, and use sharpies on them.

Fun Kids’ Arts and Crafts for Easter

Are you ready to celebrate this Easter holiday with some fun kids’ arts and crafts? If so, try these six easy and creative children’s Easter craft activities that your little ones are sure to enjoy.


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