6 Favorite Toys to Delight Children Ages 11+

Raising a preteen child is a wonderful experience that we will all enjoy one day as parents. Children just over the age of 11 are curious, excited, and show signs of independence, yet still retain a large sense of the childlike innocence they had only a few years earlier.

And naturally, like all other children, they love to play with toys, although preteen kids often enjoy trying out activities that pose certain challenges with awesome rewards . If you are looking for a few great toys for your child age 11 or up , consider these awesome options.

6 Favorite Toys to Delight Children Ages 11+

ReCon Rover

In the modern area, computers and computer programming are one of the most heavily dominant industries. To be sure, children now are raised with a basic understanding of smartphones and tablets, and often learn the basics of computer programming before they reach adulthood.

Of course, if you want to give your little one a head start on this task, consider bringing home the ReCon Rover toy, an awesome new toy for kids ages 11 and above that will let your child explore his surroundings with a miniature robot. This sweet children’s toy comes with a robot rover that can move about the house and perform a variety of tasks. And to make the robot move, kids must first learn how to program ; by inputting functions, your child can have the robot move on a predetermined course and take certain actions. Get ready to explore the world with this fun robotic toy for kids.

arts and crafts toy for preteen kids 11 and up

Clay Charms

Is your little girl an arts and crafts fanatic? If so, she will love the Clay Charms toy from Imagine Toys®, now available through the online store. This delightful arts and crafts toy for kids lets your little girl mold charms, bake them, add glaze, and add them to her very own bracelet. This engaging toy comes with nine different colors of clay, a design guide for how to craft charms, a charm bracelet, and a variety of other components to help your daughter make a set of charms that she will love. Bring out the artist in your little girl with this art set from Imagine Toys®.

Best Toys for Children Ages 11 and Above

Spooner Yardboard

Many children age 11 and up are beginning to become more daring and adventuresome, looking for risky activities that offer rewards of excitement. Now, you can satisfy your child’s adventurous spirit with the Spooner Yardboard toy for kids ages 11 and up. This cool backyard toy adds a creative twist on traditional board sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Hop on the Spooner Yardboard and you can travel down mound of gravel, dirt, grass, and even snow. And there are no bindings to lock your child in place; instead, they can stay put on the board by stepping on the grip tape, and steer with the attached rope. Get ready for a wild ride for this awesome adventure toy for kids.

Stack Pack Speed Stacking Toy for Preteens

Stack Pack

Have you children tried their hands at speed stacking yet? If not, they have been missing out on one of the biggest crazes sweeping across the nation today. To be sure, competitive speed stacking is one of the largest growing phenomena in the country, one that requires grace, finesse, and a fast hand in order to succeed.

And if you are looking for a great way to get started with this exciting endeavor, look no further than the Stack Pack toy today. This neat kids toy comes with everything you could possibly need to become a competitive speed stacker, from a set of cups, to a stacking mat, and even a timer to clock your progress.

Room Defender Security System

Room Defender Security System

In general, kids ages 11 and up begin to develop a concern for personal space and privacy, often declaring their own rooms as zones where no parents are allowed. Of course, if this is all in good fun, you can help your child protect his or her stuff with the Room Defender Security System from Imagine Toys®. This awesome toy consists of a programmable door alarm that attaches directly to the door. Your child can learn the basics of computer programming while making sure his or her stuff is safe and sound.

Basketball Toys for Preteen Kids Ages 11 and Up

Shoot Again Basketball

The basketball season may be coming to an end; but it is never too early to start practicing again for next year. And with the Shoot Again Basketball toy, your child can practice taking free throws over and over with a sweet new setup. This fun kids’ toy has an automatic ball passing system that throws the ball back to your child when he scores a basket!

Best Toys for Children Ages 11 and Above

Although they are certainly maturing, children ages 11 and above still love to play with toys. This year, surprise your little ones with one of these great toys for preteen children.

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