6 Fun and Stylish Toys for Your Little Stylist


As parents, we know that it is not uncommon for our children to develop a taste and even love for fashion and style as they start to assert their independence. They may witness their friends sporting popular styles, or even see a number of different fashion statements in popular culture or while out with their friends, and want to emulate this using the materials they have available to them.

Making jewelry that your children and their friends can wear will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. They can also add their own sense of style and flair. You can encourage creativity by bringing home one or more of these six stylist toys that kids are sure to love.

bracelet mania

Build Your Own Bracelet

Do your kids love to show off their style in public by wearing beautiful bracelets around wrists and ankles? If so, then they are almost guaranteed to enjoy playing with the Bracelet Mania toy for young stylists and fashionistas. This amazing toy for little stylists comes with everything that a kid could need to create a number of stylish and fashionable bracelets, from 136 link bracelet beads, a bracelet maker, 12 colors of cotton thread, eight large beads, four clasp beads, and so much more. This is a great toy for an afternoon or fun, or even the perfect option for a sleepover with friends.

Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

Design Your Own Styles

Part of the fun of fashion is that ultimately allows you to create something entirely new by mixing and matching sets of existing clothing. And this is exactly what your little one can do with the Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit. This fun stylist toy is a new take on an old favorite, and provides your child the opportunity to mix and match fashion designs that kids love, creating a masterpiece of style.


Loopdedoo: the Perfect Toy for a Young Fashionista

If your child hasn’t yet had a chance to play with the Loopdedoo, then he or she is missing out on one of the most popular and entertaining toys today. This great fashion toy is simple, creative, and entirely effective; with this toy your child can create six basic bracelet looping styles, and can vary threads and combine styles to make unique designs within. It even includes 18 skeins of colored embroidery thread, as well as built-in storage for all of the materials he or she needs to make the best friendship bracelets.

Beauty Star Station

Look in the Mirror to See a Beauty

While so much of fashion and style involves making modifications and mixing and matching clothes, for many girls it also revolves around the application of make-up to highlight the beauty of the face and all of its individual attributes. And that is exactly what your little girl can do today with the Beauty Star Station. This great fashion toy for kids comes with a makeup kit that includes over 30 items, as well as lights and a mirror for her to see how wonderful she looks when she is finished.

fashion headbands

Headbands are the Perfect Accessory

A nice headband is the perfect accessory to wear to school, while on a play date with friends, or even out to dinner with the family. And with the Fashion Headbands toy for kids, your kiddo can head out of the house sporting a headband that she made all by herself. This fun fashion toy comes with all the tools that she could possibly need to manufacture 10 stylish headbands, including the bands themselves, along with feathers, rhinestones, flowers, and so much more. Get the fun starting by letting your little girl create her very own headband today.


Weaving a Masterpiece Together

Although weaving may be seen as somewhat of an archaic art form, the process can be used to create truly remarkable pieces of art. And with the X-Loom, your daughter can try her hand at weaving on her very own loom at home. This toy comes with an expandable loom, as well as 3,400 beads, eight jump rings, six assorted buttons, and so much more that can be used to create beautiful jewelry for your children and all of their friends.

Help Your Child Become a Fashionista Today

Does your child show an interest in the world of fashion and style? If so, you may wish to surprise him or her with one or more of these six great fashion toys that are perfect for kids of all ages.


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