6 Toys Kids Can Use to Pretend to Be Mommy or Daddy

As they grow and develop, our children learn a significant amount by simply observing us act as parents. They see us go about our business each day, performing simple, menial tasks that to them may seem like monumental undertakings. To be sure, vacuuming the carpet or making a simple snack may come as second nature to us as adults; however, children view these as incredible feats.

Of course, because they love us dearly, children often spend hours during playtime pretending to be adults, performing similar tasks that they see us do each day. And now, with a few fun pretend mommy daddy toys, you can add to the pretend play fun. Consider bringing home a few of these pretend parenting toys to help your little ones feel like a grown-up for the day.

6 Toys Kids Can Use to Pretend to Be Mommy or Daddy

Who Wants to Help in the Kitchen?

Our children undoubtedly witness us spending hours in the kitchen over the course of a week. We slice vegetables, heat water, fry eggs, and do so many other things to make delicious meals. And now your children can help out, too! With the Pots and Kitchen Equipment Play Set, your little ones will be able to contribute to the process of making a wonderful dish. This great set comes with a number of pots and pans, as well as spatulas and other useful cooking utensils.

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A Place to Take Care of the Baby

Parents with multiple children often witness the older sibling wanting to help out with taking care of the newborn. The first-born may wish to assist in changing diapers, singing lullabies, or simply standing nearby. And with the Doll Nursery Center your first-born can be a larger part of the process by taking care of his or her very own infant. This fun pretend parenting toy comes with an amazing nursery center and 21 accessories to help take wonderful care of a brand new baby doll.

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Help Clean Up Around the House

Does your little one want to help you clean up around the house from time to time? If so, don’t hesitate to bring home the Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum and let him or her take part in the fun. This sweet pretend mommy daddy toy looks just like a real vacuum and allows for imaginative and creative play. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills in your little one as he or she pushes and maneuvers it along the carpet.

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A Doll to Love and Cherish

Children love to take care of dolls in order to mimic their parents. Unfortunately, though, many dolls don’t offer the realistic responses of real children.

And this is exactly why you should surprise your child with the Lila Cherie doll today. This adorable baby doll is life-like and cute, and provides an interactive experience for your child, as well. This soft-bodied doll will coo, cry, suck on her bottle, and even laugh at times, and she has cheeks that blush, too. Your child will instantly fall in love with this beautiful doll for kids.

Picnik Microwave Oven Wooden Play Set

Make a Snack for the Whole Family

Little children may dream of the day that they can reach the microwave on the counter and make a delicious snack for the whole family. But you don’t have to wait any longer for this day to arrive; instead, just bring home the Picnik Microwave Oven Wooden Play Set for your child to enjoy today. This fun toy is a great addition to any kitchen play set, as the bell rings when the food is “done,” and it comes with cutlery, a plate, a cup, French fries, and even a chicken leg as well.

The Playhouse

Get Lost Inside a Wonderful Play House

Your child watches you take care of the home each and every day – and now he or she can do the very same thing! With The Playhouse toy for kids, your child will be responsible for his or her very own colorful playhouse filled with all of the amenities and additions of a regular home. This fun toy comes in neutral colors to appeal to both little boys and little girls, and has three stories of open space for endless possibilities. This fun pretend play toy for kids comes with an additional two wooden dolls who can enjoy the entire dollhouse, along with 15 pieces of wooden dollhouse furniture, including beds for the dolls, a couch, a table to enjoy foot outdoors in the front yard, and so much more.

Play Pretend as Mommy or Daddy

Our children often emulate us as a way to show love, and in an attempt to help out with the household chores they see us perform every day. So this year, let your child have some real adult fun with these great toys they are sure to love.

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