6 Creative Tooth Fairy Deliveries

Watching your child lose their first tooth is a wonderful experience that proves to be another milestone in their growth. And when the first tooth does pop loose, you have the option to surprise them with a small treat when they wake up in the morning.

But if you want to get creative with a tooth fairy delivery to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day this February 28th, consider one of these exciting and imaginative ideas for this midnight visitor to arrive in style.

1. Scavenger Hunt

To add a little bit of excitement to the morning after a lost tooth, consider having the tooth fairy drop off a small note that marks the beginning of a scavenger hunt. Your child can use small clues to search for kids toys hidden around the house, and this activity will elicit a whole day of fun.

2. Silver Dollars

Do you remember seeing these delightful coins during your childhood, feeling so lucky when you finally got your hands one? It turns out they aren’t that hard to find at all – just head to the bank and request change in the form of those coins. They will be a fun and historic way to celebrate a lost tooth.

3. A Handwritten Note

This is the perfect addition to a small kids toy. In a handwritten note, you can declare your love for your little one, and use the voice of the tooth fairy to impart additional wisdom and suggestions for the year to come. To add style, make sure to sprinkle the tooth fairy note with glitter and colorful paint for a beautiful midnight surprise.

4. A Kids Book

Although toys for kids may bring about a whirlwind of excitement the morning after a tooth is lost, a book is a fun and educational choice that will provide endless entertainment for months to come, as well as a wonderful memento you can keep that represents your little one’s childhood.

5. An Activity the Next Day

If you really want to do something creative with your child when they lose a tooth, leave a note from the tooth fairy overnight that says that your child’s parents will take them on an excursion during the day. You can go anywhere together, from the zoo, to the museum, to even a sports event together. This will give you wonderful quality time to spend together to commemorate this monumental event.

6. A Wish from the Tooth Fairy

If you can’t decide what to get your child for a lost tooth, you can always leave a note from the tooth fairy that grants them one wish. With this, have your child write a note back to the tooth fairy saying what they want, and use this to figure out the best toy for kids to get your little one.

Welcome the Tooth Fairy to Your Home

A lost tooth is the perfect reason to do something great for your kid. And if you need a few creative suggestions, try these six simple ideas to welcome the tooth fairy into your home.


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