7 Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Although it may not be as exciting for us as adults, Halloween is one of the most exhilarating occasions to be a kid. This fun holiday gives kids the chance to dress up like their favorite characters, or put on a spooky costume and terrorize the neighborhood.

This Halloween, make sure you outfit your child with a costume that they will love, and that will wow all of their classmates and friends. And for a few great ideas, consider these 7 Halloween costumes for kids to ensure a night of fright and fun!

1. Scuba Diver

For this fun Halloween costume for kids, all you need is a snorkel mask and a black jumpsuit. For the actual scuba gear, you can spraypaint a two-liter soda bottle silver, and attach it to the back of your child’s jumpsuit with glue or tape. For the scuba mouthpiece, look for a flexible plastic pipe – you can probably get one from a local hardware store.

2. Restaurant Waiter

Here’s a fun idea that is rarely seen on All Hallows’ Eve. Dress your little one up in black pants, a white shirt, and an apron. Give them a tray to hold throughout the night, as well as check holder to carry all of their tips.

3. Hot-Air Balloon Rider

This fun idea will bring a smile to everyone’s face when they come to the door. Grab a regular wicker basket, cut two holes in it for your child’s feet and legs to pass through, and secure it to their pants with tape or glue. Then, fill a balloon with helium, and attach four three-foot pieces of string to the bottom of the balloon, and secure them on the corners of the basket. Have your child stand in the basket, and the balloon should float above their heads like a hot-air balloon.

4. Cinderella Princess

For this delightful Halloween costume, all you need is the new Cinderella Princess Dress from Imagine Toys®. It comes with a light blue velour bodice, and will have your little girl looking like the princess she truly is. And it comes in three different sizes to fit girls of all ages.

Cinderella Princess Dress available at imaginetoys.com

5. World Explorer

If you have an adventuresome child on your hands, let them dress up like a world traveler with the new Explorer Dress Up Set. This fun kids costume comes with a safari vest, a safari hat, and a pair of binoculars to spot animals from far away.

Explorer Dress-Up Set available at imaginetoys.com 6. Mad Scientist

Fuel your child’s love for the wild world of science by having them dress up as a mad scientist for Halloween. Have them put on a button-down shirt, and find a white lab coat for them to wear. Supply your child with a pair of protective goggles, and give them a beaker filled with colored liquid or gummy worms to carry around. Get ready for some crazy experiments when you go trick or treating!

7. Knight in Shining Armor

Let your little one save the neighborhood by dressing up with the new Deluxe Armor Dress Up Set from Imagine Toys®! This exciting kids costume comes with a helmet with visor, a sword, a shield, a breast plate, and a sheath to store the sword when the night is over. Your child will be ready for anything as a shiny soldier!

Deluxe Armor Dress Up Set available at imaginetoys.com

Get Dressed Up and Ready to Go!

Playing dress up is one of the most exciting parts about Halloween. And this year, you can’t go wrong with one of these seven fun costume ideas for kids.


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