7 Must Do Fall Activities for Families

Although you may be sad that the summer is coming to an end, you should be excited for all of the wonderful things that autumn is sure to bring. The fall season promises crisp weather, beautiful scenery in nature, and delicious foods accompanied by wonderful holiday traditions.

And if you have a little one running around the house, it is important to take advantage of all of these incredible things before the winter arrives. Don’t let the year end without trying these seven family time fall activities for kids and the whole family.

1. Nature Walk

It is undeniable that the fall season brings with it some of the most beautiful colors throughout the entire year. The rich reds, sparkling yellows and golds, and earthy browns all come together to paint the world in wonderful ways. Head outside one day for a nature walk during family time to enjoy it all together.

2. Start a Thanksgiving Tradition

The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to start a new family activity tradition. This may include saying thanks during dinner, playing sports together outside, or even just cooking together in the kitchen. But whatever you do, setting a tradition now will give the kids something to look forward to every year.

3. Learn a New Sport

The cool temperatures of fall provide the perfect opportunity to head outside in the afternoon and learn a new sport with the family. You can try disc golf, bocce ball, or even a sport that you make up. And don’t worry about winners or losers – this activity for kids is more about having fun.

4. Visit a Farm

Few children these days get the chance to witness where their food comes from, or even get a chance to see livestock and other animals. Take a trip to a local farm one day and show your kids another side of life. Some farms may even offer tractor rides, or a chance to pet the animals.

5. Make a Farmers Market Meal

Another great way to spend a whole Saturday or Sunday is by heading to a local farmers market and picking up all of the ingredients you need for a delicious meal. By doing so, your children may gain a better appreciation of where the food comes from and how it turns into dinner. Plus, the farmers market is often a great place to take kids, as it generally involves tasty treats to snack on along the way.

6. Watch a Sport Together

Whether you watch on television, or head to the sporting arena to view in person, watching a sport together is a fantastic family activity. It gives you a chance to talk and connect during the breaks between play, and provides you with a common cause to bond over. Make sure that your children understand that it’s not about winning or losing – it’s about getting together with family, cheering on hard-working players, and being a good sportsman at all times.

7. Tell Your Child Stories

As the weather cools, you may find yourself stuck inside more often with a blanket wrapped around the little ones. Take this time to share stories of when you were a kid, including where you lived, what it was like at school, and things you did for fun. Although it may be completely opposite from how your children are growing up, sharing with them stories of your youth can bring you closer together.

Ultimately, whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it together. Fall is the perfect chance to spend more time as a family, and these seven kid-friendly activities will help you bond with one another.


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