7 Shamrock Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day

For some, St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural celebration that recognizes the life and history of one of the most important figures in Ireland. And for others, this holiday is simply a time to learn more about another culture with our children, and have a wonderful time together.

But whatever you do with your kids this March 17th, make sure to break out the arts and crafts supplies for a few shamrock crafts for kids. And if you’re not sure where to start, try these seven simple St. Patrick’s Day crafts with the little ones:

1. Shamrock Plates

For this great shamrock craft, you will need three regular paper plates, green duct tape, and green markers. Have your children color the plates green. Then, place them in a pyramid shape, with two on the bottom and one on top (this shape should look like a shamrock). For the stem, secure the plates together with a piece of green duct tape to finish this St. Patrick’s Day craft.

2. Shamrock Straw Tops

Grab a few green straws, some construction paper, and a pair of scissors. Cut small three- or four-leaf clover shapes in the paper, and then stick a straw through the very center of one. This shamrock craft for kids is the perfect way to enjoy any green beverage.

3. Shamrock Cookies

All you need for this delicious treat is a batch of sugar cookies and some green frosting. Once the cookies come out of the oven, have your kids decorate the tops with different clover shapes – and you can even add green sprinkles for effect!

4. Plant Your Own Clovers

This may not be a St. Patrick’s Day craft, but it’s a great way to spread some living cheer in your house on this fun holiday. Pick up an already growing clover plant at the local florist, and spend part of the day planting it in a pot in your house.

5. Shamrock Cereal Design

If your children love cereal, try out this great shamrock craft. Grab a box of their favorite kind (anything already colored green works best), and spill some out onto a piece of construction paper. Then, have your little ones the cereal pieces into a clover shape. You can secure the cereal down with glue, or even with marshmallow spread for a deliciously edible treat!

6. Shamrock Outline

For this St. Patrick’s craft, you will need a pair of scissors, two pieces of white construction paper, and some green paint. Cut out a shamrock shape in one of the pieces of paper, and lay it down on top of the other. Then, paint around the outline of the shamrock shape, making sure to draw a thick and visible silhouette. When you remove the shamrock shape, you should have a painted outline with a white interior. You can leave it blank, or have your children decorate it with other supplies.

7. Foam Felt Shamrock Pin

This is a great shamrock craft for kids that you can wear for the whole day! Pick up a piece of green foam, three small green pom-poms, and a pin fastener. Cut out a clover shape in the foam, and glue the pom-poms to one side of it. One the other side, secure the pin fastener with glue – and now you have a shamrock pin that your children will love!

Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day

This March 17th, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with style. And to have a blast with your children, try these seven fun shamrock crafts for kids to get in the spirit of the holiday!


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