7 Super Fun Sleepover Activities for Girls

A sleepover is truly one of the most wonderful activities in the life of a young girl. It’s a chance for her to come together with a few of her best friends and take part in overnight activities (under the supervision of parents, of course), all with the added excitement of more fun the next day.

If you have a little girl who’s just aching to have a sleepover then, it’s important you show up with a few sleepover activities to keep the fun going all night. And if you need some ideas, try these seven fun activities for girls before you shut off the lights:

1. Make a Pillow or Blanket Fort

Making a pillow or blanket fort is a great activity for girls that requires nothing more than a few sheets, some furniture, and a wild imagination. Set up the fort and let the girls sit inside telling ghost stories and eating snacks.

2. Pop the Balloon Hour

To mark the passing of each hour, blow up one balloon for each hour until bedtime (10 o’clock, for example). On the balloons write down subsequent numbers (for example, 7 o’clock, 8 o’clock, etc.), and stuff each balloon with an activity. When the clock strikes the number, pop the balloon together, and perform whatever activity is inside.

3. Tie-Dye a T-Shirt

This is a great way to keep the girls busy, as well as provide them with a fun memento of the night. Get some shirt dyes, and pick up as many white t-shirts as there are girls. Spend part of the evening making the shirts, and they should be ready to wear the next morning.

4. Do Your Nails

Many girls love to paint and glitter their nails at home. During the sleepover then, have your little girl and their friends paint their own nails with the Mega Nail Salon. This fun new kit from Imagine Toys® comes with everything the girls will need to make beautiful nails in just a few minutes.

Mega Nail Salon available at imaginetoys.com

5. Play Board Games – or Make Your Own

Board games are fun activities for girls that can keep them entertained for hours. If your daughter has a wild imagination though, consider increasing the fun by getting all of the supplies you need to make your own board game at home. Let the girls draw a board, create pieces, and craft anything else they need to make their own working game.

6. Question Ball

To have the girls get to know each other better, grab a giant beach ball, blow it up, and write different questions all over the surface. Then, have the girls sit in a circle and toss the ball back and forth, and have them ask whatever question they choose.

7. Throw a Dance Party

Girls love to dance, and there is no better time and place to get groovy than at a sleepover. Pick some of your daughter’s favorite tunes, pick up a plastic disco ball if you can, and turn off the lights for a night full of dancing fun.

Have a Blast at the Sleepover

Don’t let your daughter’s friends show up at the next sleepover without being prepared. Instead, just try these seven fun activities for girls that everyone will love.


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