7 Snowman Activities for Kids

When the snow starts to fall outside, you may notice that your children start to run for the door, anticipating fun games in the snow. But unless you have some extra activities planned, the kids may only last a few minutes before they head back inside to the warmth. If you plan on playing in the snow with your kids this winter, try these seven great playtime kids activities with snowmen that will keep the fun going until the snow stops falling.

 1.      Snow Family

Most children are familiar with the idea of creating a snowman, decorating him with carrots, buttons, and even scarves to keep him fashionable. But if you want to keep outdoor playtime exciting, suggest that your children make a whole snow family to keep everyone company in the chilly temperatures!

 2.      Snow Pets

Naturally, if you have pets, then your children can understand how important they are to the entire family. To make sure that the playtime snow family has company at all times, make sure your children create a few snow pets to help the family grow.

 3.      Snowmen Inside

Sometimes it's just too frigid to head out into the elements. And if you experience one of those days this winter, bring the snowmen fun inside with a great kids activity. For this, you need some toilet paper, scarves, winter hats, and circles of black felt. To start, wrap your children completely in the toilet paper, leaving room for their heads, feet, and arms to move. Then, place the scarves around their neck, glue the felt circles on their front for the buttons, and place their hats atop the head – and now you have indoor snowchildren!

 4.      Marshmallow Snowmen

Add some delicious treats to playtime with this fun kids activity. From the store, bring home marshmallows, chocolate chips, and red licorice. Then, have your children mold together the marshmallows in the shape of a snowman (to make it all stick together, you can heat them up with a small flame, or even on a pan on the stove). Then, when the body is together, have your children add on chocolate chips for the noses, buttons, and eyes, and licorice for the mouth. Now you have playtime snowmen that you can devour in seconds!

5.      Gingerbread Houses

If you make indoor snowmen, then it's time to give them a house with this great kids activity! All you need is a few packets of graham crackers or gingerbread, frosting, and any other kind of candy you want for decorating. Use the gingerbread for walls and roofs, and make them adhere with the frosting. Then, again using the frosting, stick on pieces of candy for decorations on the house or the yard, and make sure the snowmen have a comfy place to live!

6.      Paper Plate Snowmen

If you don't want to make a mess, try this fun playtime kids activity for a few snowmen of your own. Grab some white paper plates, pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, and some soft pieces of felt. Use three paper plates as the base, middle, and top of the snowman, and use the pipe cleaners as arms. Then, cut out shapes for the nose and scarf from the felt, and glue it all to the front of the snowmen. To make eyes and a mouth, you can use raisins, or you can simply use small dots of black felt.

7.      Play Dough Snowman

Create your own little snowmen with this playtime kids activity using play dough. Head to the store for  some white play dough (or clay, if you can't find the former). Then, have your children shape three different balls for the base, middle, and head. You can use small twigs or toothpicks for the arms, and even chocolate chips for the buttons and eyes.

Of course, you can add to the playtime fun by making your own play dough, with a great recipe appearing here.

Head Outdoors for Snowman Fun

Don't let the chilly temperatures and snowy landscapes keep you from having playtime fun this winter. Head outside with the little ones, and try these seven great kids activities for a wonderful time until the season ends.


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