7 Things to Do With Your Kids’ Toys to Make Room for New Toys

What kid doesn’t love getting new toys? A new toy means a new friend, endless fun, and exciting adventures during playtime.

But if your child gets new toys fairly often, you might start to see their old toys pile up in the corner, collecting dust as they sit there feeling unloved and forgotten. But instead of letting these toys take up space, try these seven ideas for old toys to help make room for the new!

1. Donate to Charity

Altruism is one of the greatest ways to make the world a better place, and there is no better method than by making another child happy. If your kids have toys lying everywhere around the house, suggest that you donate them to charities for other, less privileged children. Your kids will love the idea of helping!

2. Find a New Purpose

Not all of your children’s toys have only one purpose in their existence. If there are unused playthings lying around, think about other locations in which they could be of service. Some plastic toys can turn into flower pots, wooden blocks can be used as paperweights, and virtually every small item can be converted into a holiday ornament that hangs throughout your home.

3. Give to Friends and Family Members

Letting things sit and gather dust is a serious waste of their purpose. Instead of letting your kids’ old toys sit unused, ask your friends and extended family members if they have children that would enjoy similar items during playtime. This is a good way to do a good deed while keeping the love in your family and inner circle.

4. Garage Sale

Wouldn’t a little bit of extra cash be nice? If you have some old children’s toys to sell, try having a garage sale to net yourself some money for things in the future. And when the big weekend rolls around, you can have your kids join in the fun by helping set up and dealing with customers.

5. List Online

With the advent of websites like Freecycle and Craigslist, you can now go online and offer up your kids’ old toys to individuals that truly need them yet can’t afford new items of their own. Plus, with these sites you can give them away locally so you won’t have to deal with any shipping or handling.

6. Offer Them Up to a Daycare

Often you will find yourself with old toys that you don’t need anymore, simply because your children have outgrown them. Don’t let the fun end, though – offer to donate them to a local nursery or daycare so that other youngsters can still enjoy the toys as they grow and develop during playtime.

7. Recycle

If you have a lot of plastic toys, then there’s one great place you can eventually put them – the recycle bin. Recycling old plastic toys gives you hope that they will one day be made into a new item for another youngster for playtime.

There are also currently organizations, such as Happens Toy Lab in Cincinnati, that will accept old toys for recycling purposes, and give children the opportunity to build new ones out of the old parts. Consider supplying your old toys to a purpose such as this.

Out With the Old…In With the New!

Your children may be wary of getting rid of old toys, but at some point in time you will need to eliminate the clutter from your home. And when you do, you can remind your kids that as the old toys are removed, new toys are waiting just around the corner!


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