8 Ways Kids Can Celebrate Craft Month

8 ways kids can celebrate arts and crafts month

Arts and Crafts is a favorite pastime for children of all ages. Indeed, arts and crafts activities allow children to explore the deepest reaches of their imagination and creative abilities, all while exploring colorful materials and mediums.

We are once again commemorating March as National Craft Month, a month in which we invite children and parents everywhere to celebrate by engaging in craft activities that are fun for the whole family. And if you are in search of a few interesting ways to get started, consider these eight ways kids can celebrate craft month that everyone is sure to enjoy.

1. Make Keepsakes

Your children are only young once and this is a perfect time to make art with their hand and footprints. Print artwork is priceless because it is so personal and in the future it will be a reminder of how much they’ve grown. If you want something even more permanent, you can make a cast of hand or footprints from plaster of paris and let your children paint it.

2. Bring Home a New Craft Toy

Do your kids love playing with new types of crafts and mediums during playtime? If so, you may want to bring home a fun arts and crafts toy as a way kids can celebrate national craft month. There are so many available from which your little ones can choose to help celebrate this exciting month with the family.

3. Reuse and Recycle

Instead of bringing home a new craft toy for your children to celebrate national craft month this year, look towards your recycling bins in the garage or on the driveway to find a few fun things to use for an amazing project. Average cardboard boxes, glass jars, and a number of other things that you find within the recycling can be turned into a masterpiece using a little bit of creativity this month.

4. Let Nature Guide Your Way

Very often when we think of arts and crafts project, we immediately see visions of pens and pencils, markers, sheets of paper, and other traditional supplies that you may see inside of a craft room. While these are all wonderful materials that can be used to create beautiful arts and crafts projects, this month we encourage you to step away from the normal and head outside for inspiration. There are so many things in nature that you can use to create a beautiful masterpiece including; pinecones, emerging flower petals, rocks, seeds, leaves, and nuts. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the spring weather with a walk in the park or the woods while on the lookout for materials.

5. Make cards and mail them out

Getting mail is the best! (Especially when it’s not a bill) Make some cards with your kiddos and mail them out to friends and family. They will be so happy to get something in the mail and your child may even get something back! You could even prepare now for the next birthday/holiday and make thank-you cards with your child. When the time comes you will be prepared with handmade cards.

6. Make something new…

With some guidance even a younger child can learn things like sewing, knitting, cross-stitch, and more. You and your child can work together to make stuffed animals or monsters, blankets, scarves, pot holders, and more. The satisfaction of creating something that can actually be used is priceless. Wait to hear the pride in your child’s voice when s/he says, “I made this!”

7. Learn From a Master

If you truly want your children to develop their arts and crafts skills, one of the best ways to do so is by allowing them to take classes from experts. Consider signing them up for an arts and crafts class this month with an available artist in your town. Allowing your children to work with a skilled artist can help them develop their skills, and even inspire them to pursue further study of art in the future.

8. Try making jewelry

Making jewelry is a great activity for even toddlers. For little ones make necklaces with yarn and macaroni, they can even color on the macaroni. Older children can make friendship bracelets, make beads with modeling clay, and even make cool bracelets with paperclips and ribbon.

Ways Kids Can Celebrate Craft Month

Are you ready to celebrate craft month with your little ones this year? If so, try these eight awesome craft month activities for kids that are a blast for the entire family. Look us up on Pinterest to find directions for these crafts and more: https://www.pinterest.com/imaginetoys/crafty-kids/


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