8 Rainy Day Activities

Most people associate rainy days with spring weather that has long since left us this year. But the truth is that rain can come at any time and during any seasons, and can leave an unprepared family stuck inside with nothing to do.

This year then, don’t let a little bit of inclement weather keep you from having fun with the little ones in your life. Instead, make sure to always be ready for these eight fun rainy day activities that will help ensure that you have a blast.

1. Make a Board Game

Does your family love to play board games with one another? If so, spend some time during the next rainy day making one of your own. You can model your new board game off of one of your favorites, or create something entirely new from your imagination.

2. Build a Fort

This classic activity is a must-do during the next rainy day. Grab some pillows, some blankets, and some chairs, and create an in-house fort that you can hide in until the rain goes away.

3. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

If your kids have seemingly endless energy, you can try to tucker them out by creating an indoor obstacle course using toys, furniture, and other items in the way.

4. Make Your Own Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments are so easy to make: all you need is a mason jar and a lid, as well as some beans or rice. You can experiment with different containers, and see what sorts and amounts of food make the best noises.

5. Hold a Fashion Show

If your little ones love to get all dressed up, the use the day stuck inside as the perfect opportunity to host a fashion show. You can all wear your favorite outfits, and parade across the house for all to see.

6. Write a Book

When the rain starts falling, you should have ample opportunities to start writing a few stories with the little ones. And depending on how long the rain shower lasts, you may even have time to illustrate it and bind it with household arts and crafts supplies.

7. Build a Tabletop Mini Basketball Game

This kids activity may sound difficult at first – but it gets a whole lot easier when you have the DIY Mini Basketball Game & Paint Kit from Imagine Toys®. This great new kids activity gives you everything you need to craft a tabletop basketball game that can launch balls across the room.

DIY Mini Basketball Game & Paint Kit, available at imaginetoys.com

8. Dance Party

Nothing lightens the mood more than having a dance party with the kids for a great rainy day activity. You can play some music that they listen to nowadays, or put on a few classics that you used to rock out to when you were a child.

A rainy day doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, try these eight fun rainy day activities to bring some sunshine in when the water starts to fall.


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