8 Winter-Themed Writing Activities For Your Kids

The winter months conjure up images of days spent playing in the snow with your children as they enjoy their break from school. You can sip hot chocolate by the fire, watch a movie as a family, or do any winter activity that keeps you all warm.

But just because school is out doesn’t mean you should set aside your children’s studies – and winter is a perfect time to work on their writing and spelling abilities at home. So as the weather turns cold, bring out the writing utensils and try this eight fun kids writing activities with your children.

1. What Would You Do?

A great way to work on creativity in writing is by setting up a hypothetical template for your children to follow. Have your template be, “what would I do if it snowed all year?”, or something similar, and let their imagination run wild – as long as they can write it down on a page!

2. Describe the Snow

One of the best ways to develop writing skills is by describing everyday items and objects with a variety of different words. Have your child write down as many words as they can think of to describe snow, and help them out with a few extras when they run out.

3. A Snowy Story

Winter can inspire imaginations to create worlds of snow and adventure. Have your child put their skills to the page by writing a wintery story with them as the main character, and help them out with any plot twists or character development they need.

4. Write to Summer Self

A great way to work on self-reflection and writing is by having your child write a letter to their future, summer self. They can include all of the things they are currently doing in the winter, and imagine all of the fun things they might do once the weather warms up.

5. Write in the Snow

If your child spends time in the snow every day, suggest that they work on their letter-writing skills by using the snow as a medium. Grab some squeeze tubes of food coloring, and head outside together to practice writing your names or anything else you would like.

6. Keep a Winter Journal

If you want to keep your child’s writing skills sharp until school starts again, have them keep a winter journal in which they can write everyday. This way your child can detail all of the fun things they did during the summer and have a record to look back on later in the year.

7. Poetry

If your child is an advanced writer, have them try their hand at winter-inspired poetry. They can write poems about how the snow looks, how the cold feels, or anything else that comes to mind during the shortest months of the year.

8. My Favorite Day

Wintertime can be one of the most fun times of the year for any child. If you would like your child to work on their writing skills, have them write a detailed account of their favorite day they had during the winter. This can be stories of snowball fights, snowmen building, or simply sitting around the fire with the family.

Winter Writing

Don’t let your child’s writing skills slip during the winter. Try these eight fun kids writing activities to keep their writing strong as they play in the winter wonderland.


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