Active Toys for Kids to Get moving this Spring

Jumbo Bananagram

Many parents and kids eagerly look forward to the spring season and all of the wonderful things that it will bring. Indeed, spring carries with it promises of warmer weather and a relief from the frigid temperature of the winter months, as well as longer days and later nights that we can spend together with our little ones as a family.

Of course, as a direct result of the warmer weather, children are also able to spend more time outdoors during the spring months, moving around and remaining active with their friends and neighbors. But, in some cases, kids may not be ready to get moving without a little bit of encouragement.

Are you ready to get your kids up and moving outdoors as the weather warms up this year? If so, consider bringing home one or more of these four great active kids toys for spring and get ready to have a blast together as a family!

Baseball Challenge

Let Your Kids Try Their Hands at the Baseball Challenge

As America’s pastime, kids across the country spend time in the spring practicing their throwing, swinging, and catching as they look forward to the beginning of the baseball season. Even those who don’t play in a recreational baseball league still find it fun to head out in the backyard and play a game of catch with the family.

If your child is a burgeoning baseball star, or if he or she simply wants to play a fun game, make sure to bring home the Baseball Challenge Game this year. This great spring toy for kids is perfect for the family that loves baseball, and will present an excellent challenge for your little ones who love sports.

Open up this toy and you will find a colorful board with different numbers painted in front of a baseball scene. Each number represents the amount of points kids score when they throw the ball and hit the given location, and the electronic game board keeps track of the score during the game. This is a fun game to play indoors on a rainy day, or you can bring it out back and have a blast.

Fling a ring

A Backyard Game That’s Fun for Everyone

Are you ready to try a fun family game that’s a blend of a few of your favorite pastimes? If so, don’t hesitate to surprise your kids with the Fling a Ring kids’ toy for this upcoming spring season. This great spring toy for kids is a blend of horseshoes and lawn darts, and will challenge your accuracy while you enjoy a sunny day outdoors with the family. The game is simple: try to throw the discs as close as possible to the posts that are set up in the lawn. And if it gets too hot outside, you can always take this game to the pool, where the discs will float in the water! Kids will love playing this fun outdoor game for the spring.

Jumbo Bananagrams

An Educational Toy That’s Perfect for Kids

It may seem difficult to combine an educational experience with an outdoor game that kids love. But now, you can have the best of both of these worlds when you play Jumbo Bananagrams with your little ones. This game is similar to its regular-sized counterpart, in that it comes with lettered tiles that you must use to spell out different words on the ground. But this game is geared for extra fun, and you can bring it to the pool, the park, or even the beach for an educational and exciting game to play with the whole family.

Deluxe Kendama Neon

A Cultural Game That the Little Ones Will Love

The spring season is the perfect time to meet with your family for outdoor picnics and barbecues. Your little one may get bored during these events – which is why you should bring with you the Deluxe Kendama to play with at all times. This great game is based off a traditional Japanese toy, and will test your child’s accuracy and hand-eye coordination in a fun and rewarding way. The goal of the game is to swing the ball and learn how to catch it in four different ways. And once your child has mastered these skills, there are so many new tricks he or she can learn with this fun wooden toy.

Try These Active Toys for the Start of Spring

Are you looking for a few fun active toys for your child play with outdoors during this spring season? If so, make sure to grab these four great active kids’ toys for spring this year and get out and play together!


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