April (Baby) Showers Gift Ideas

Virtually everyone has heard the saying: April showers bring May flowers! Of course, this old aphorism is meant to imply that the rains that we often experience in April will give way to a beautiful May, which will in turn provide the beginning of a wonderful summer.

We would like to celebrate the other showers that often take place in April, and which lead to the start of a brand new life for a set of happy parents: baby showers! Many of us have friends who may be expecting a newborn this year, and are hosting baby showers to celebrate the child’s arrival.

A baby shower is a magnificent event for all involved; and, as such, it is always a nice gesture to show up with a gift in hand. The following is a short list of baby shower gifts to ensure you bring a smile to the expecting mother’s face.

Sensory Shapes

April (Baby) Shower Gift Ideas

Within their very first months of life, newborns begin to develop each of their senses through interacting with the outside world. By seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, and feeling, the newborns will quickly adapt to their surroundings and further develop each of these five senses.

You can, however, facilitate this process through the use of toys that stimulate these senses. So this April, show up to a baby shower with the SensoryShapes baby shower gift from Imagine Toys®. This delightful baby shower gift idea comes with six different small shapes and two large shapes that come in bright colors and knobby surfaces. These sensory toys refine fine and gross motor skills and promote tactile exploration, and prove to be an excellent gift for any newborn child.

My First (Bamboo) Keys

baby shower gift

Children often hold the key to their mothers’ hearts. Children quickly become the light of their mothers’ lives, occupying a space in their hearts that nothing else could ever fill.

And now, you can commemorate this bond that the mother and child share with the My First (Bamboo) Keys baby shower gift from Imagine Toys®. This adorable and multi-purpose kids’ toy is a wonderful option for any expecting mother.

Why is this such a great baby shower gift idea for mothers this April? For one, this toy is comprised of three bamboo keys that offer a natural teething solution for a little one whose teeth are just starting to come him. Newborns can ease their pain by teething on one of these cute bamboo keys. Furthermore, on each of the bamboo keys is inscribed a heartwarming saying, such as “keys to my new crib” or “keys to my mom’s heart.” This newborn toy will help bring together the mother and child over a functional toy for kids.

Twist & Turn Activity House

Twist & Turn Activity House Baby

It is undeniable: newborns and toddlers love to explore the world around them. They are fascinated by bright colors, interesting noise, and different textures that provide a wonderful sensory experience.

And this year, you can show up to the baby shower with a toddler toy that will provide a brilliant sensory experience for children ages 12 months and up. The Twist & Turn Activity House shows off a host of turning gears and unlocking doors, and lets a child hammer a ball down the chimney of the home. The toddler will learn all about the basics of cause and effect, and will even delve into the early world of problem solving. Celebrate an arrival this year with this wonderful exploratory toy for kids.

Inhabit Design & Building Set

Inhabit Design & Building Set

It is not necessary to arrive at a baby shower with a gift for a newborn. Instead, you can surprise the expecting family with a gift that their child can enjoy years down the line. For example, the Inhabit Design & Building Set is an excellent gift for children over the age of six, and would be an excellent baby shower gift this April. This fun kids’ toy inspires children to create amazing architectural designs through the use of unique cutouts that create beautiful light effects. Look to the future this year with a great toy for kids.

Push Along Duck

Push Along Duck Baby Gift

Within their first year of life, many newborns begin to prop themselves up and take their very first steps. Although it may seem simple now, the process of walking is extremely difficult for a newborn who has yet to move upright.

You can make the process so much easier with the Push Along Duck from Imagine Toys®. This darling kids’ toy is perfect for little ones who are trying to take their first steps, as it acts as a walker with a cute duck at the base of the toy.

Celebrating Expecting Mothers

Are you planning on attending a baby shower this April? Make sure to show up to the gathering prepared with one of these adorable baby shower gift ideas for newborns and kids.

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