Arts and Crafts to Develop Creativity

Arts and crafts toys

September 14th is national Live Creative Day. At Imagine Toys, creativity is a highly held virtue that leads to strength in problem solving, self-expression, and happier lives. In order to celebrate and develop creativity, we want to show off our favorite art toys that will help your little ones burst with creative ideas.

Crayola window designer

Crayola Window Art Designer

Nobody wants kids to draw on the walls, but if your kids are old enough, they can create beautiful stained glass on your windows with the Crayola Window Art Designer. This Crayola set comes with window markers that wipe off easily so your kids can make translucent designs over and over. It also comes with stencil paper, a glass drawing panel, if you don’t want them to use your windows, and a display stand.

As the holidays approach, your kids will love drawing turkeys, snowmen, and holiday messages. A great alternative to impersonal window clings. The box comes with a magnetic closure to hold all these art supplies neatly.

Friendship Bracelet Maker

Friendship Bracelet Maker

Friendship bracelets are a childhood staple of summer camps and middle school because they are fun to make and are perfect for showing friends how much they are appreciated. This Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit comes with ten colors of thread, beads, and instruction to make many different patterns and styles. The kit even comes with a holder to make it easier to weave the bracelets.

Your children will love making bracelets the color of their favorite sports teams, with their favorite colors, and with the cool beads. This is a simple activity that can be done in infinite ways to make any bracelet that your child can imagine.

Felt mosaic toy

Felt Mosaic

Your kids will learn a lot about color, form, light, perspective, and design with this Felt Mosaic Kit. Seventy two felt pieces of multiple colors are perfect for making different figures and patterns. Make animals, people, and many more shapes and arrangements. Kids ages 5 and up can follow the instructions or go with their imaginations and invent and discover new ideas. Use over and over again.

Make Your Own Snow Globe

Perfect for the upcoming holidays, this kit allows your kids to make their own snow globe from glitter, clay, and they can even customize the base. Make Your Own Snow Globe includes clay that can be molded into any shape to create scenery that will be included in the snow globe. All you have to add is water. The globe is made of plastic for safety, and the cardboard stand can be painted or colored to go with the inside. Perfect for ages 6 and up.

Help Your Kids Develop Creativity with these Great Art Toys

Celebrate National Live Creative Day by making an arts and crafts with your child today!