Awesome Toys Popular with Kids 8-10

At Imagine Toys®, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most functional and educational toys for children of all ages. And this week, we are highlighting some of our favorite toys for children ages 8-10 , those who learn all day in the classroom, and come home in the afternoon for some fun. If you have a child in this age range, bring home one of these great toys from our online store today.

Awesome Toys Popular with Kids 8-10

Spooner Board

The great outdoors will get a whole lot more exciting when you bring home the Spooner Board 28” Pro for your school-aged child to test out after class. This fun toy is the perfect addition to the life of a child who loves to move fast and try daring physical feats, all while getting outside and enjoying the world of nature. This fun outdoor sports board combines the activities of snowboarding and sledding; children can ride the board while sitting down, or slide down on their own two feet. The Spooner board is virtually indestructible, and can go careening down a variety of different surfaces; use it on the grass, on sand, on concrete, or even on snowy hills. And your child’s feet will stay firmly planted on the grip tape secured to the top of the board. This great toy will help develop balance and motor skills, and improve strength in your little one.

Electronic Drum Set Ages 8-10

Idol Maker Electronic Drum Set

Between ages 8 and 10 is a wonderful time to get your children involved in the world of music. At this age children are beginning to develop a mastery of their motor skills and coordination, and can utilize these while learning a new musical instrument. And now, you can help your child take their first steps into the field of music with the Idol Maker Electronic Drum Set from Imagine Toys®. This sweet drum set has four different pads your child can strike, two drum sticks, and numerous special effects to add to the music. Your child can even play along with one of the prerecorded demo songs, and sing into the included microphone.

Movie Machine Toy

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

Does your child dream of one day creating his or her own movie on the big screen? If so, you can make this dream a reality with the GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine film creation toy . This great kids set from Imagine Toys® teaches your little one how to make his or her very own zoetrope, a rotating wheel that help project a self-drawn moving picture. This fun toy comes with four different movie packs and instructions on how to make a zoetrope, and helps develop spatial awareness skills, teaches engineering principles, and will help your child fall in love with the world of motion pictures.

Best Toys for Children Age 8-10

Eagle Series Zipline with Seat

Do you plan on spending this summer having wild and crazy fun in your backyard? To make sure your backyard is the perfect place for kids, don’t forget to bring home the awesome Eagle Series Zipline with Seat from Imagine Toys®. This incredible kids toy will make sure that your home is the most talked about spot on the block.

Open up the box and you will find your very own zipline and seat, two great items your child can use to have a wonderful time in the backyard. The included instructions will show you exactly how and where to set up the zipline and trolley, and provide everything you need to know to get started. Get ready to have a backyard blast with this wonderful outdoor toy for kids!

how to craft and mold pottery toy

Pottery Studio

Arts and crafts are not just for toddlers. In fact, by incorporating arts and crafts project into your school-aged child’s life, you can help him or her continuously use his or her imagination, and ensure that your child fully develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to succeed in life.

And one of the easiest ways to get started on an arts and crafts project in your very own home is by trying out the Pottery Studio from Imagine Toys®. This delightful kids’ toy comes with no-bake clay and a pottery wheel that spins on its access by pressing the included foot pedal. Your children can learn all about how to craft and mold pottery masterpieces with this fun arts and crafts toy for kids.

Favorite Toys for Kids Ages 8-10

Space Bumpers

Remote control toys may seem like they provide nothing but a little bit of passive entertainment. But in reality, remote control vehicles like the Space Bumpers toy teach children about cause and effect, and help build their hand-eye coordination and gross-motor skills. Let your little one test out this futuristic toy today.

Best Toys for Children Age 8-10

Do you have a child age 8-10 in your home? If so, consider bringing home a few of these sweet kids’ toys from our online store today.

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