Baby Activities for Fall

For many regions throughout the United States, this fall has been one of the most beautiful ones in recent memory. The leaves have quickly turned a beautiful burnt orange and brown color, and crunch pleasantly beneath our feet after they fall gently to the ground.

And this beauty is only magnified if you have a wonderful new baby in your life with whom you get to share this magnificent season. To help you truly savor this lovely season, consider these fun baby activities this autumn season.

Head to the Pumpkin Patch

Before the season comes to an end, consider taking your little one to a pumpkin patch together. You can pick out a few pumpkins to use to decorate the house (or for pumpkin soup), or you can simply walk around the area, looking at all of the beautiful colors and touching the interesting new things. Plus, you may be able to find a pumpkin patch connected to a farm; in this case, you may have the opportunity to visit some of the animals with your little one. Some pumpkin patches even offer tractor rides through the fields of hay, which is sure to be an exhilarating experience for your baby.

Crunch Leaves Together

It may seem simple, but playing around in a pile of leaves with your little one is a great game for the fall season. Your child will love the sound of the leaves crunching beneath his or her hands or feet, and it helps your baby connect with nature in one of the most beautiful season throughout the year. For some additional fun, you can bring home a few choice leaves and make a fun fall collage to put up in the house.

Go to the Local Library Together

The fall season is one of the best times throughout the year to go to the local library. Going to the library will provide you with a warm area to escape from the brisk temperatures outdoors. Furthermore, many city and school libraries have children’s sections for you to peruse with your little ones. Some libraries even have children’s reading games and reading hour, a time during which a volunteer or employee sits in a big circle and reads to a group of kids. This can help you expose your little ones to the world of reading and books this autumn.

Make a Fall-Themed Feast

Sure, you baby may not yet be old enough to enjoy pumpkin pie, turkey, and a host of the other foods we associate with the fall season. But there are still plenty of autumn food options that you can prepare for your little one this year, like applesauce, boiled corn, and pumpkin soup, many of which are extremely colorful and can be fun to eat. Prepare a fall-themed meal for your little one this year and have a delicious meal together.

Have a Wonderful Fall with Your Baby

Fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy with your little one. So this fall, take advantage of the time of year with this great activities together.


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