Because They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To," We Present The Deluxe Horse Stable Play Set.

When it comes to toys these days, many people are saying that they just don't make toys like they used to, and in many cases, it's true.

Plastic parts, shabby assembly and rushed shipments all in the name of saving a dime.

That's why we love the Deluxe Horse Stable Play Set.

The stable itself is made from real wood. It's built to last. This is one toy that your kids will be able to pass down through the generations.

Measuring 17.5" wide, 17" tall and 12" deep, the horse stable will accommodate any 10 inch horse or doll. It's the perfect place for your kid's toy horses to rest up for the night!

The stable also has two stalls. While one horse comes with the stable, it might get lonely, so we recommend getting a second horse friend. You can also find the Paradise Toys "Daphne Cowgirl" here.

Several accessories and a bag of feed are also included with the stable, horse and doll. 

All these high quality items along with a stable that's built to last means your child will have one of those toys that will last a life time or more.

There are small parts, so we recommend that this set be used by children that are 3 years old and older.

Purchase the Deluxe Stable Play Set Here


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