Benefits of Puzzles for Children

Benefits of PuzzlesPuzzles provide a host of educational benefits for children of all ages. These fun learning activities require children to utilize critical thinking and analysis skills, and force little ones to come up with specific solutions to problems directly in front of their faces. And of course, while jigsaw puzzles are some of the most well known of these children’s learning activities, others, such as the Creative Peg Puzzle from Imagine Toys®, come in a different form that still require an intuitive mind.

Are you unsure if your child should try out a puzzle set this year? If so, consider the following information, which includes in-depth information about the true benefits of puzzles for children.

Learn How to Problem Solve

Perhaps the most distinct benefit of puzzles for children is the ability for little ones to learn how to solve specific problems in a controlled environment, and according to certain guidelines. With only a set amount of materials in front of them, children must examine the obstacle they must overcome and follow a direct progression to get to the desired outcome. In turn, this newly adopted skill of problem solving can be utilized in other areas of life that involve larger and more in-depth obstacles.

Develop Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

Most types of children’s puzzles require the little ones to grasp a specific object (or set of object) with their hands and put it into place. For example, to complete a jigsaw puzzle a child must squeeze each piece with his or her tiny hands and press it directly into place to make sure it fits. In doing this, the child will strengthen the muscles in his or her hands, forearms, and arms, and further develop his or her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Improve Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Puzzles come in a variety of difficulty levels, ranging from the relatively simple four-piece jigsaw puzzles, to the extremely complex riddles that demand an extremely capable mind. At Imagine Toys®, we believe that providing your child with puzzles that are challenging yet possible will allow your little one to feel a sense of self-confidence upon completion, which will in turn improve his or her self-esteem. Each time your child finishes a more difficult puzzle, he or she will have an increasingly greater sense of self-worth.

Learn About a Variety of Topics

No two puzzles are exactly the same. Some puzzles come in alphabet shapes, while others show off pictures of animals, vehicles, or planets in outer space. Regardless of the topic, puzzles help children learn about a variety of different topics in the world while solving a problem. By putting together a set of alphabet blocks, your child will become more familiar with the ABCs; similarly, by solving an animal puzzle he or she will have a stronger grasp of wildlife in the world.

Looking for Puzzles? Turn to Imagine Toys®

We strongly believe that puzzles have a host of benefits for children of all ages. And if you are looking for a puzzle for your kids, turn to our online store and pick a new one today.


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