What Are the Best Pumpkin Carving Tips, Tricks and Techniques?

Best Pumpkin Carving Tips Tricks Techniques

The Halloween holiday is certainly not complete without spending a few hours carving a pumpkin with the kids. Carving pumpkins together allows you to bond together as a family while engaging in a delightful arts and crafts activity, wherein your children can put their skills and imaginations to the test on an entirely new medium.

But while the tried-and-true method of drawing silly (or spooky) shapes and cutting with the sharpest knife in the house may serve you well, there are a variety of other pumpkin carving tips, tricks, and techniques that you should consider testing this year. So for some extra excitement this All Hallows’ Eve , don’t hesitate to utilize one or more of these pumpkin carving techniques and tips before the ghastly night arrives.

Find the Perfect Pumpkin

The process of carving a pumpkin for Halloween starts well before you sit down at the table with the rest of the family. In fact, in order to create a beautiful masterpiece, you should have a pumpkin that is up to the task. Here, it is important to consider the shape of your pumpkin. Does yours have a flat bottom? Or will it roll off your porch when you set it down? And does your pumpkin have a variety of bruises and blemishes? Or does it have a healthy surface, one that lends itself to artistic mastery?

While these may seem like silly things to consider when picking out a pumpkin with the kids, taking them into consideration will help ensure that you have one that will help you create a beautiful finished product.

Make Slanted Cuts at the Top

One you have a pumpkin, the fist cuts will involve the knife being plunged into the pumpkin from the top down in an attempt to remove the stem. This first cut then allows children to scoop out the seeds (or guts) of the pumpkin, leaving a place for you to put a candle to turn your pumpkin into a true jack-o’-lantern.

But when making these first cuts, don’t begin by cutting straight down into the pumpkin. Instead, cut at a slight inward slant as you move the knife in a circle. Doing so will help make sure that, when you place the stem back on to retain the light, it doesn’t fall straight through into the candle.

Consider Stencils

Of course, don’t hesitate to use freehand if your child wishes. But if you want to create beautiful designs, it may help to enlist in the help of a stencil. Stencils are made specifically to allow you to paint or draw beautiful designs crafted by a professional.

And if you are looking for a stencil to use this Halloween, consider something like the Animal Fun Outdoor Mandala. While this giant stencil is specifically designed to be used on sidewalks or driveways, you can always get creative and bring it into the kitchen when you carve pumpkins with the family. This toy comes with a giant mandala stencil that you can use to draw and cut intricate designs out of your pumpkin.

Gaze at the Face When You Cut

Many pumpkin carvers fail to utilize this simple pumpkin carving trick before the Halloween holiday, which can instead lead to uneven cuts and even blemishes on the pumpkin. Instead of cutting downwards at an angle while standing up, sit down at the table, place the pumpkin in your lap, and cut directly forward into where the face (or other design) will be. This will help ensure you don’t make any uneven cuts, and will keep the pumpkin stable while you wield the knife .

Please keep in mind that this step should always be taken by an adult, and never a child. While kids should be allowed to draw designs on the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds, knives are meant for adult use, even on Halloween.

Don’t Let Your Pumpkin Rot

Have you struggled with carving a pumpkin early in the month of October, only to see it rot out on your porch well before Halloween finally arrives? If so, consider spreading a bit of petroleum jelly on the edges of the cuts , either directly after you carve the pumpkin, or once it begins to rot. Doing so will help seal in moisture, extending the life of your carved pumpkin. And if you do find that your pumpkin is rotting, you can submerge it in cold water to help keep it fresh for longer .

Try these Pumpkin Carving Tips, Tricks and Techniques This Halloween

Carving a pumpkin is a wonderful way to bond as a family and try a fun and exciting arts and crafts activity for kids. So this year, gather around the table, get a few pumpkins, and try these simple pumpkin carving tricks, tips and techniques to guarantee a beautiful jack-o’-lantern for All Hallows’ Eve.

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