What Toys Are Some of the Best for Family Travel?

As parents, we all most likely know how difficult it can be to keep kids busy and entertained on family vacations, either within the town, or even across the world. While we, as adults, can be satisfied with leaning back in our seat and watching the scenery fly by our faces, or keeping our minds busy while waiting in long lines, children, especially toddlers, are unable to do the same, often requiring constant attention and activities for entertainment.

Unfortunately, this often turns many families away from traveling with the kids; instead, they stay at home and pass the summer months within the confines of their own backyard. But if you are itching to travel this year, don’t let the kids’ fidgety nature keep you from crossing state or country lines. Instead, consider heading to the online store to pick out one or more of these best toys for travel, which will keep your little ones happy and satisfied as you head out and see the world.

What Toys Are Some of the Best for Family Travel?

Story Telling Game for Family Travel

Most children love to hear stories before they go to bed at night. But why not turn storytelling into a daytime activity? With the fun Fairy Tales Story Game from Imagine Toys®, you can have fun thinking of and telling stories together with the kids as you travel across the country. This fun game is perfect for one to eight players, and is great for bedtime, on a plane, or while driving in the car. This cool toy comes with 60 different cards, all of which contain a different image and which will help inspire your little ones to dream up a wild and wonderful story. This is, by far, one of the best toys for family vacations.

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Learn the Alphabet While Travelling

Are your little ones just learning how to read and write the alphabet for the very first time? Or are they constantly trying to improve their reading and writing skills to help them advance to the head of the class? If so, then this summer is the perfect time to try out the a to z lowercase Magnatab or the A to Z Uppercase Magnatab. These both provide a sweet tactile guide for beginning letter writers and those simply looking to improve their writing skills. Your little ones can draw the letters of the alphabet with glee as you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

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Matching Game for Family Vacations

Waiting in line to board a train or a bus or getting stuck in the airport with the little ones as you wait out a layover can be excruciating if you came unprepared. But with Spot It!, you never have to worry about keeping the kids entertained while you wait for the next leg of your journey to start. This awesome game is perfect for little ones ages six and up, and is a fun party game for both children and adults. This cool game is simple: players must locate the single matching symbol on two cards in front of them, and the first one to do so is a winner. This may sound easy, but things will start to heat up as the kids fall in love with one of the best toys for family travel.

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Portable Design Set for Travelling

Traveling with the family becomes a whole lot more exciting when you have the Imagination Patterns kids’ toy to pull out of your suitcase. This is one of the best toys for family vacations, as it will keep your little ones wildly entertained, and even fuel their imaginations throughout the entirety of the trip. This great toy for kids comes with magnetic design blocks, a board to stick them on, and a carrying case to tote everything around wherever you go. Kids can test their skills with any one of the 50 design set challenges that come within this fun toy for children.

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Drawing on the Go, No Pen, No Paper

Most children love to draw. But whether you’re riding in a car, or waiting in line at the airport, you may not have a pen or piece of paper for your little ones to create a masterpiece.

Don’t worry, instead bring along the Free Form Magnatab from Imagine Toys®. This delightful kids toy allows your little ones to draw without using a single sheet of paper. This is a wonderful toy for quiet play, or when you are traveling during the summer and you need to keep the kids busy.

Enjoy Family Travelling Again with These Toys

Are you hoping to see more of the world now that the summer months have started? Don’t worry about keeping your kids busy in cars, trains, or planes; instead, grab one or more of these awesome travel toys and head out and see the world together!

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