Best Ways Your Kids Can Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Best Ways Your Kids Can Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day, held first Sunday of September after Labor Day, is a day that allows us to celebrate some of the most important individuals in our lives, and those who most certainly have had a strong impact on our past and future. To be sure, without our grandparents, we wouldn’t be here today; and without our very own parents, we wouldn’t be blessed with the love and joy of our little ones whom we care about so much.

There is no doubt that grandparents should be celebrated and respected each and every day of the year; however, on Grandparents Day this year you can go above and beyond the regular protocol by having a celebration. And if you’re not sure how to get started, consider these fun ways that you and your children can celebrate Grandparent’s Day this year.

Go Exploring for Grandparents Day

Celebrate Grandparent's DayRegardless of their age, many grandparents still remain youthful explorers at heart, ready to pack up their bags and see another part of the world. Many grandparents spent part of their earlier life traipsing across the continent (or even globe), while others may have enjoyed exploring beneath the surface of the ocean or atop a mountainous peak.

And if you believe that your children’s grandparents once retained this desire for adventure, consider bringing the whole family together for a day of exploration. All you will need is an itinerary, a pair of Nancy B’s Binoculars, and a few kids and grandparents who are ready for absolutely anything. You can head to a local forest in an attempt to spot birds and other wildlife, or visit the beach for a day exploring nature’s beauty beneath the ocean. You can even go for a hike together and get lost in the wonders of the great outdoors. This is an excellent way to celebrate Grandparent’s Day for a family that is ready for a great adventure.

Paint a Family Portrait with Grandparents

Many families spend part of Grandparent’s Day taking photos together. And, of course, this is a wonderful way to celebrate this lovely day and commemorate some of the memories that you will likely make together.

However, if you have a little artist in your house, or if one of your children’s grandparents has a knack for arts and crafts, consider instead having this member of the family draw a family portrait to create a truly meaningful memento of the day. You can use the great Travel Easel as a comprehensive arts and crafts set for the artist in your family. This arts and crafts set includes virtually everything an artist could possibly need to create a masterpiece.

What should you do, though, if you have multiple family members who are interested in taking part in the drawing activity? Here, you can have these artists trade off drawing a single picture, or even have them draw separate portraits that you can view collectively afterwards.

Make Some Music for Grandparents Day

It is not uncommon for grandparents to retain a variety of skills unknown to our children. And one general skill that many grandparents often possess, depending on the family, of course, is the ability to make beautiful music, either by singing or whistling, or even playing a musical instrument. Many individuals of this generation may have learned to play an instrument or sing during their younger years in school, and have simply retained this talent throughout the course of their lives. Others still may have taken up learning a musical instrument later in life, and are now capable of producing beautiful melodies.

Regardless of the musical history, you can share in this great passion together by sitting down for a small session of song and dance with both your children and your grandparents together. Your little one can keep the beat using his or her very own Classic Tin Drum, someone else can provide accompaniment with a guitar or piano, and you can all sing along to whatever song you choose. This is a wonderful way for everyone to bond together and celebrate Grandparent’s Day this year.

Of course, the extremely musically talented out there can even think bigger by creating their very own musical composition together as a family, something that they can call their own for the rest of their lives. Or, other musically capable families can commit to learning a song on Grandparent’s Day and then performing it to an audience either at the end of the day or at some point thereafter.

Ways Kids Can Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

It is important to show respect and celebrate these most important members in our lives, as well as the lives of our children. And, as such, don’t hesitate to consider using these fun and exciting ways kids can celebrate Grandparent’s Day this year to have a blast together as a family.

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