Boost Kids’ Imaginations with Play Pretend Toys

Many parents are well aware of the joy that children derive from using their imagination to play with pretend play toys. Offer a child an imaginative toy to use during playtime, and you may quickly watch them get lost in a world of their own creation, one in which they can craft whole story lines and characters in their heads.

Playing pretend certainly has benefits, as well. Letting your children engage in pretend play allows them to expand the boundaries of their imagination, which can aid in their reasoning and critical thinking skills later in life. Furthermore, pretend play even allows little ones to rationalize emotions and situations that they may encounter in real life.

As a parent, it is important to provide your little ones with the toys and activities they need to engage in meaningful pretend play during playtime. If you need somewhere to start, consider bringing home one or more of these four great kids’ play pretend toys that your little ones are sure to love.

Let Your Child Be a Superhero for a Day

Superheroes are perhaps some of the most iconic role models in today’s society. Superheroes embody all that is pure and good, and generally perform superhuman displays of strength in order to make the world a better place. Many superheroes fight crime to save the world, while others engage in more subtle acts to help protect others. Regardless of their actions, one thing remains true: children look up to superheroes (even if they are simply imaginary characters) because they work to help other individuals and do everything it takes to have a positive impact on their world.

This year, you can even let your little one become a superhero for a day. In fact, with the Be a Superhero Kit, your child can dress up as a superhero and do her best to save the world. This great play pretend toy also comes with a storybook, an activity book, a wristband, and a superpower equation worksheet that can all be used to enhance the imaginative experience. Get ready to watch your little one save the world with this great toy for kids.

puppet tent

Put on a Puppet Show

In today’s world of technology, many children may find it difficult to be entertained without watching something on a screen directly in front of their eyes. But this week, it’s time to set aside the smartphones and tablets and let your little ones create their very own entertainment with the Pop-Up Puppet Show & Play Tent. This fun play pretend toy comes with a pop-up tent that stands 54 inches tall, inside of which your little ones can sit and put on a show for the whole family. Your children can use their favorite puppets or dolls to create a live-action puppet show, and trade off providing entertainment for everyone.


Play with Puppets – Even Outside of the Tent

Even if you’re not at home or don’t have a pop-up tent on hand, your children can still get lost in their imaginations and create a wild and creative puppet show with the Palace Pals Hand Puppets for kids. This great set of hand puppets comes with four soft and plush puppets that live during medieval times, including a princess, a king, a knight, and a dragon. These four great characters provide everything that your little ones need to craft a brilliant story using nothing more than these puppets and their imagination. These toys are a great addition to playtime, and can be used by one child alone, or can be shared by your kids and their friends as they write a hand puppet story together. Puppets help children communicate emotions and process difficult aspects of life that may be uncomfortable for them to share normally.

Roominate Chateau

Build a Moving Room with the Kids

Kids may not always have the luxury of decorating their own room. But this week, your children can build and decorate an entire house with the Roominate Chateau toy for little ones. This great toy helps teach children basic concepts of science, technology, engineering and math while allowing them to get lost in their imagination during playtime. This toy comes with 131 different pieces, many of which can be connected to the battery packs included in order to function in various ways. Your children can engineer their own elevators, carousels, lamp, and spinning windmills by learning about technology with this toy and building the house from the ground up. Kids will learn so much and have a blast with this imaginative toy.

Have Fun with Your Imagination Today

Kids need few things more than their very own imagination in order to have fun during playtime. If you want to encourage them to flex imagination muscles, bring home some of these great play pretend toys that are perfect to inspire creative play throughout the day.


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