Boredom busting ideas for Anti-Boredom Month

We recently posted a blog about why it’s good for kids to be bored, it builds imagination, ignites creativity, and lends a hand in creation. Letting your kids be bored is helpful to them and keeps you from being the entertainment center. But if you are facing the dog days of summer and both you and the kids are running out of ideas, try some of these boredom busting ideas in honor of July, Anti-boredom Month.

Make a Stop-Motion Video

Set your kids free with a phone or tablet to make a stop motion video. This is super fun and your child will love being the writer, director, producer, and camera person for her own movie. Using dolls, Legos, cars, or any toys that your child wants to. Make backgrounds out of paper, sidewalk chalk, or Legos. Make jungle scenes in potted plants, car chases, or love stories. The possibilities are endless.

They should start by writing a story, find or make props, build or draw backgrounds, then follow the instructions in the app to take pictures and make sound effects and dialogue. They may need your help at this stage, but likely they have all of the technological skills to do it already. Starting small and building up is a great idea. If they need the camera to stand on its own, make an easy out of cardboard by bending it in half, forming a triangle and cutting out notches for the device.

Let your kids spend hours making stop-motion videos and then have a viewing party. Have a red carpet, play reporter and ask the ‘stars’ questions. Make sure there is lots of popcorn and give reviews! There are tons of apps across all platforms to make this easy, pick one that is meant for kids and has good reviews.

Pool Noodle Games

You can buy a pool noodle in most places for a buck or two. These foam noodles are fun in and outside of the water! Use them with balloons for a fun backyard ‘baseball’ game. Better yet, use drenched sponges as ‘balls’. Try putting out a couple baskets and have the kids race to get the most balloons in their baskets using only a noodle! It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Cut noodles in half for a race track for small cars or marbles. Prop the top of the tracks on a box or stair and hold a race day with friends or siblings. You can also fill one end of a noodle with a bottle cap and duct tape it closed. Poke tons of holes with a small screwdriver or an ice pick. Pop the hose in the open end of the noodle and you will have a fun sprinkler to run and play in. Hang it from a tree or lay it on the ground.

Cardboard Boxes

A big cardboard box is all most children need for days of self-entertainment. You may have a friend who recently bought a refrigerator or you can sometimes get them for free from hardware stores. Big cardboard boxes are great forts, let them draw windowsills and flowers and cut out the windows. Fill it with pillows or stuffed animals and they have the best little house ever. You can also just let them climb in with some markers, toy people, cars, houses, and they will draw and build a village. Watch as they sail away in their pirate ship and make tunnels and you will soon wish you had your own cardboard box.

Celebrate Anti-Boredom Month with these Great Play Ideas

Bust your kid’s boredom this summer with these great ideas for indoor and outdoor play.


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