Building and Educational Toys Future Engineers Will Love

Do your little ones love to play with wooden blocks and other building toys? Do your sense that your children aspire to be future engineers who construct buildings, assemble machines, and construct a variety of other structures and objects?

If so, we have a host of different building toys and educational toys for future engineers that your little ones are sure to love. Head to the online store today to grab one of more of these engineering toys, and have a blast building with your little ones this summer.

Building and Educational Toys Future Engineers Will Love

Laser Pegs Combat Fighter

This week at Imagine Toys®, we are highlighting a toy that combines engineering and building, fighter pilots, and bright LED lights--all in one! The awesome Laser Pegs Combat Fighter is a sweet educational toy for future engineers that allows your little one to build his very own fighter jet while learning about construction and putting together strings of LED lights. Inside of this toy you will find a set of laser pegs that will afford your child the chance to create eight different jet models, including the fighter bomber, the flying goose, and others. To create the finished product, your child must connect the laser pegs to the power base, as each shape feeds the next shape to light up the LED as the building takes place. Once your child finishes constructing the fighter jet, it will light up in a brilliant array of colors.

And best of all, this fun fighter jet building set from Imagine Toys® is entirely compatible with other laser peg sets, allowing you to combine this fighter jet with a variety of other toys. Dive into the world of LED fun with this sweet fighter jet construction set from Imagine Toys®.

educational toy for future engineers

Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse

Your future engineer will surely have a blast with this spectacular and explosive kids’ demolition set from Imagine Toys®. The Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse puts all of the power in your child’s hands, and lets you set up and demolish an unlimited combination of different structures.

This fun kids’ toy comes with a number of different building sets that can be put together in numerous different combinations to create a variety of structures. But the fun doesn’t end once the structure is fully in place; instead, your child can enjoy the pleasure of blasting it down to the ground! Unlike other building toys, you don’t need to carefully take down the structure piece by piece; instead, your child can strategically place the blasters to see how quickly the building will fall. Don’t worry; these blasters won’t cause an explosion – but they will knock the structure to the ground. Your little one will love building structures and demolishing them with this fun engineering toy for kids.

building toy for future engineer

Marble Mania Sidewinder

Not all engineering and building toys consist solely of basic wooden blocks. In fact, at Imagine Toys®, we recommend bringing home the Marble Mania Sidewinder, a fun and rewarding engineering toy that carries an exciting twist at the end!

Using the pieces that come with this toy, your children can create a winding set of marble runs. They can set up the interlocking bases, the variety of different gears, and the hand-cranked spiral lifters that is meant to carry a marble at the top.

Once your child is finished building a marble run, the fun truly begins – place a marble at the top of the structure, and watch it come racing to the bottom of the run he built. And don’t worry about carrying the marble all the way back to the top of the run; using the hand-cranked spiral lifter, your child can raise the ball back to the beginning, and watch the marble sail to the bottom again.

And, of course, to add to the fun, the marble run can be set up in numerous different ways, allowing for endless entertainment for your child.

engineering toy for kids

Air Bolt Rocket Launcher

With the summer months nearly here, your child may be more excited to head outdoors than to work on a new building project. But with the Air Bolt Rocket Launcher, you can combine your child’s love for engineering and his excitement to head outdoors with a sweet engineering toy for kids.

This awesome toy is an excellent choice for kids over the age of 10, and is fairly simple to construct. Your child simply needs to put the launcher in place, connect the launch pad, and position the rocket. Once he is finished, he can jump on the launch pad as hard as he can, and watch as the rocket soars into the sky. These lightweight missiles were built to last, and the launch pad can withstand even the hardest of stomps.

Build a Fun Summer This Year

Are you looking for a way to provide your little ones with fun, educational, and interactive summer activities? Don’t hesitate to head to the online store today and bring home one of these fantastic engineering toys for kids.


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