Children Science Kits: Science Toys for Boys & Girls

The world of science has so much to offer for children of all ages. Science can help teach our little ones about so many different phenomena that surround us in the world, and can answer a variety of questions that our children ask on a daily basis.

And at Imagine Toys®, we believe that comprehensive kids science kits offer some of the best learning materials to learn about the world of science. With a kids science kit, your little one can study science in a fun and interactive way with a toy tested by children across the country. And if you want your child to get a head start learning about some of the mysteries of life that are well-kept by science, pick up one of these fun new children’s science kits from Imagine Toys® today and get ready to learn!

What’s That Smell? It’s a Great New Children Chemistry Set to Teach Us About Scents

Have you ever wondered how each individual scent that wafts by your nose gets its distinguished smell? Are you curious about the chemical components that combine to create the wonderful and odorous scents that surround us each day?

If so, then it may be time to pick up the new Perfume Science Lab children chemistry set from Imagine Toys®. This fun new science kit comes with everything you and your little ones need to learn about the science behind perfumes and their scents, as well as the tools necessary to create your very own. Using the materials within, you can mix ingredients to create a fragrance that you love. The science it also comes with information on the perfume industry, and all of the work that goes into creating these coveted creations. This science kit is a wonderful choice for any little one that loves different smells, as well as a burgeoning entrepreneur that wants to start their very own perfume business!

Step Right Up Into the Wonderful World of Science

Of course, the world of science has so much more to offer than just the chemistry that goes into creating perfumes and other odorous scents. We understand that, which is why we are now offering the Stepping Into Science kids set, a comprehensive children’s science kit for imaginative children. This fun new kit comes with instructions and materials to perform 25 unique experiments for beginning scientists, and covers topics such as biology, physics and chemistry. Your child can create super bubbles and self-inflating balloons, mix colors, create a motion picture, and do so much more with this children’s science kit.

And don’t worry about the quality of this kit – the Stepping Into Science children’s science kit has won multiple different awards and has found a place in homes everywhere.

Explore Science with a New Kit For Kids

Does your little one get excited about the prospect of learning about a new scientific phenomenon? If so, don’t hesitate to pick up one of the new kits for kids from Imagine Toys® and dive headfirst into the world of science.


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