Children’s Valentine’s Day Crafts & Activities

Children’s Valentine’s Day Crafts Activities

Valentine’s Day is February 14th, one of the most exciting days for children of all ages. This February holiday often brings with it plenty of sweets for children, as well as brightly colored flowers and fun  arts and crafts activities, both at home and in the classroom.

This Valentine’s Day, spend some time with the little ones you love by engaging in arts and crafts children’s activities together. And if you need a few ideas, try out the following kids activities that your little ones will love.

Heart-in-Hand Cards

Do you want to try making a few Valentine’s Day cards for your little ones and some of their best friends? Try this activity for cards that everyone will love! Grab a piece of construction paper, have your little ones draw their hands within the center, and cut out the hand outline. Then, inside of the hand, draw a heart in pen, and decorate the heart with different arts and crafts supplies. Give some of these heart-in-hand Valentine’s Day cards to the loved ones in your life!

Hanging Paper Hearts

This fun kids arts and crafts activity is quick and easy, and will provide you with some excellent Valentine’s Day decorations that you can hang around the house for everyone to see. Grab some pink, red, and white construction paper, and cut small hearts out of each one of the colors. Then, grab a spool of string, and tape a piece of string through the middle of six different hearts, making sure that each is spaced evenly apart from the others. Tape the top end of the string to the ceiling, windowpanes, mantles, or elsewhere throughout the house, and watch as these decorations spread love throughout the entire house.

Make a Valentine’s Day Cake

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do your kids love to eat sweets on Valentine’s Day? If so, make it a truly sweet celebration by baking a cake with your children, and decorating the delicious treat with fun Valentine’s Day arts and crafts supplies.

To start with this children’s activity, you can bake a cake from scratch, or use a regular cake mix. Then, grab some regular frosting; you can either look for pink and red frosting at the store, or use some food coloring to add these holiday colors to the mix. Once you have frosted the cake, use piping tools and different colored frosting to decorate the top. You can draw pictures on the top of the cake with delicious arts and crafts supplies, or simply write a Valentine’s Day-themed message in the top. If you are hungry, you can eat this treat together as a family; or, you can give it away to your friends, a teacher at school, or even someone in your neighborhood as a show of appreciation and love.

Celebrate the Season of Love

Are you looking for a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids? Try out these fun kids’ activities this year for some arts and crafts fun that everyone will love.


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