How to Choose Toys Children Age 5-7 Will Enjoy

Children entering their very first years of school are an extremely exuberant and excited bunch. To be sure, if you are the proud parent of a child age five to seven then you understand how curious, creative, and overall joyful these little ones can be.

Of course, while children this age may head off to the classroom in the morning, they’ll eagerly return home in the afternoon, ready to start playing with a few of their favorite toys. As such, you should make sure to stock the playroom with plenty of kids’ toys and activities your little ones will love.

But what types of toys should you bring home for children of this age? Are there special requirements when picking toys for kids age five to seven? Overall, while young school-aged children may love toys of all types, certain kinds may aid with their development and keep them entertained. Use the following tips when selecting toys for children ages five to seven.

Set Aside Electronics

Kids age five to seven are at an extremely crucial point of development. It is during this time that children begin to master the skills of reading and writing, and continue to strengthen their critical thinking and analysis skills. Kids this age also improve their language and communication abilities, both of which are required for advancement throughout years of school.

Because of this, it is important that children at this age are provided with interactive and developmental toys that will help strengthen each and every one of these abilities. And while electronics have a time and place, they should be removed from the playroom, or at least limited as much as possible . Electronics, and specifically tablets or smartphones, often encourage passive play, allowing children to sit back and watch while the action takes place on the screen in front of them. This, in turn, stunts their ability to think and imagine. Furthermore, while some electronic skills may strengthen hand-eye coordination, many fail to provide a more intellectually stimulating experience.

This does not mean that you must limit your child’s exposure to electronics altogether. But make sure that any time in front of a screen is also supplemented with healthy and interactive play with other toys .

Look for Group Toys

As kids age five to seven head off to school, they are surrounded, often for the first time in their lives, with other children of the same age. And, as such, kids this age must learn how to cooperate and work with others , a task that may prove difficult, especially for only-children.

To help encourage teamwork, cooperation, and sharing, look for toys that facilitate group play, or that require at least two participants for a given result . Partner or group toys will help build and develop team-building skills among children this age, and will prepare your little one for activities with other kids in the classroom.

Books Can Be Considered Toys

Think of the word “toy,” and kids’ books may not be the first things that come to mind. But while children’s books may not match the traditional definition of toy, they can truly provide a significant amount of fun and educational experience for kids, especially those age five to seven. Because children this age often begin learning to read and write for the first time, having a healthy supply of kids’ books in the playroom can allow them to practice when they get home. You can read during playtime with your children, or invite some other little ones over and host a reading session together as a group.

Don’t Forget Sports Toys

While kids age five to seven are heading off to the classroom for the first time, they are also often gaining their first set of experiences in the world of sports. Kids this age may sign up to participate in a sports league in the town, or may simply take up playing a certain sport during outdoor time at school.

And in light of this, it can be extremely beneficial for your child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills, as well as self-confidence and self-esteem at school, to supply them with sports toys to play with at home. For one, sports toys allow your child to practice movements of a certain sport, and become more athletic capable and skilled. Furthermore, if your child is playing with others during recess, it is important that they do not feel behind or left-out due to their lack of exposure to the given activity. You can help ensure your child feels like part of a team by bringing sports toys into your very own backyard.

The Right Toys for Children Ages Five to Seven

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