Choosing the Right Toys for Babies

Head to the Imagine Toys® online store and you will find a wide array of different toys available for children of all ages. We have science toys for the school-aged kids who are interested in space and nature, sports toys for the athletic teens who are ready for an outdoor adventure, and sensory toys for the newborns and toddlers who are simply learning about their new world and surroundings. The options are virtually limitless.

Of course, with all of the choices, how is it possible to pick the right toy for your baby? Are certain toys more or less beneficial for your little one? And where is the best place to find educational and developmental toys for the child you love?

Multiple Uses

Multi Use Baby ToysTo begin the process of picking out new toys for your baby, start by looking for ones that can be used in a variety of different ways. Toys that have multiple uses will challenge your toddler to take more than one approach, which will help develop their critical thinking and analysis skills.

For example, the Mr. Mechanic’s Racing Car from Imagine Toys® is a wonderful toy, particularly because it can be used in multiple ways by children over the age of one. Your baby can push it along the ground like a regular toy car, learning about the motion of wheels, and strengthening their grip and fine motor skills. In addition to that, however, they can open up the hood of the car and fiddle around with the individual parts using a toy hammer and screwdriver that come with the toy, a separate activity that will spark an interest in engineering.

Multi-use toys like this are extremely beneficial for babies and toddlers.

Reading and Alphabet-Based Aspects

reading and alphabet baby toysOf course, at the age of one, your toddler may not be able to read or recognize the alphabet, let alone speak in a comprehensible manner. That being said, it is absolutely never too early to introduce your baby to reading and alphabet-based toys to give them a head start in this activity. If you present your child with an alphabet toy at the age of one, he or she will begin to recognize the shapes and their corresponding sounds early on, which will allow him or her to excel in reading and writing activities as an older toddler and while in preschool or elementary school.

Even a toy like the Braille & Sign Language ABC Blocks is an excellent option for children of this age. This wonderful kids block set from Imagine Toys® contains all of the latters of the alphabet for your child to learn and master at an early age. For an added activity, however, this kids toy also includes how to make all of these letters in sign language, as well as how they are written and spelled out in braille. This excellent educational toy provides a host of different activities that will help your child learn about three different alphabets, all at the same time.

Physical Activity

In our contemporary society children have more opportunities than ever to stay inside and focus on passive entertainment. Kids can watch TV or movies, play with smartphones, or even test out a new tablet.

But while many of these activities may have an extremely educational component, they do force children to sit in one place and remain sedentary for a period of time. And while that can be beneficial on occasion, this should always be complemented with others that encourage physical activity.

What’s the best way to have an active child? Simple – by providing him or her with active toys at an early age and showing him or her how fun it can be to get up and move around. For example, consider letting your toddler play with the new Seek-a-Boo toy. This fun toddler toy will get your little one up on his or feet, searching for matching cards around the room. Even small amounts of physical activity at a young age will help keep your child active later in life.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should search for toddler and baby toys that encourage your child to get lost in his or her imagination. Toys that help facilitate pretend play can help your child expand his or her sense of creativity, and will even let him or her deal with real-world problems in an imaginary realm.

Some of the best toys for this activity are kids costumes, such as the Amulet Princess dress, which let your children dress up like a fictional character and get lost in an imaginary world.

Choosing the Right Toys for Babies

Are you looking for the perfect toys to pick up for your baby or toddler this year? Consider these tips and head to Imagine Toys® to find something that your little one will love.

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