Christmas Arts & Crafts Ideas

The holiday season is the perfect time to bring out the arts and crafts supplies and start to get creative with the kids. With the frigid temperatures preventing you and the rest of the family from playing outside during the winter months, you can fend off boredom by try out a few crafts projects each day with the kids. And instead of buying presents off the shelves for friends and family members, you can craft a few with your children to offer gifts made with love.

Are you interested in trying a few Christmas arts and crafts projects with the little ones? If so, consider these great activities and have a merry end to the year!

Create Your Own Ornament

Are you looking for a great way to decorate the tree sitting in the corner of your living room? If so, take an afternoon and make a few Christmas ornaments with the kids. With a few simple supplies, including glitter, glue, construction paper, and markers and colored pencils, you can craft beautiful ornaments to hang from the tree for the rest of the year.

Make a Homemade Christmas Card

Instead of buying a few Hallmark Christmas cards to send out to your loved ones this holiday season, get creative and have a ton of fun by making them all by yourself. Grab a few blank, white cards from the store, and have your children decorate them using arts and crafts supplies.

Or, if your children are interested in computer design, you can let them use one of the many types of software available to create a beautiful card. In many cases, computers already have basic design software installed that can be used to create a variety of different Christmas card designs.

Build a Colorful Gingerbread House

This year, turn a favorite holiday activity into a fun and educational arts and crafts experience with a delicious twist. To build your own colorful gingerbread house, pick up pre-baked gingerbread, frosting, sprinkles, gumdrops, and anything else that your children may want to use to decorate their houses (you can bake your own gingerbread, as well, with many recipes available in holiday cookbooks or online).

Build the gingerbread houses by connecting the walls and roofs of the house with frosting; once dry, the frosting should solidify and keep everything from falling down. Then, have your children decorate. Encourage them to be as creative as possible when decorating; instead of following a design plan from a box or instructional manual, suggest that your children take full artistic license when outfitting their gingerbread house. By straying away from the directions, you will help encourage your kids to use their imaginations when testing out new arts and crafts projects.

Make Beautiful Arts & Crafts This Christmas Season

Are you looking for a few fun arts and crafts projects that you can try out with your children during this holiday season? Don’t let the winter blues get to you; instead, try your hand at these fun craft projects for a great end to the year.


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