Cookie Cutter Ideas for Kids

Children of all ages love the smell of cookies being baked from the kitchen. The delicious odor emanates all throughout the house, and brings the kids running from wherever they are.

This year, however, is the perfect time to swap roles, and let your children take control of the cooking and baking in the kitchen. And at Imagine Toys®, we are now offering two great new kids toys to help bring out the chef in the little ones you love.

Bake a Pretend Gingerbread Man Before the Season Comes to an End

Making and decorating a gingerbread man is a wonderful and timeless holiday tradition for families across the country. Plus, gingerbread is a delicious holiday treat that you can enjoy together when the wind is blowing and the snow is falling all around the house outside.

And this year, your children can take part in the fun of making and baking a gingerbread man with the new Make & Bake Gingerbread cookie cutter kit from Imagine Toys®. If your children love hands-on toys that let them take part in the action, then they will love this baking set as a holiday gift.

What comes with this fun cookie cutter set from Imagine Toys®? Open up the box and you will find 14 different pieces for your children to use, from cookie cutters in various different designs, to a cute pretend rolling pin and a cookie tray.

And don’t worry about your children making a mess with this baking set; all of the pretend dough is made from pre-decorated brown felt, letting your child take part in the tradition of baking, without leaving a trail of crumbs in the kitchen.

Get ready for fun festivities for the whole family with this sweet new kids toy cookie kit.

Take Part in the Baking Process with a Kids Cookie Kit

Are your kids actually old enough to take part in baking process? Are you looking for a fun kids toys to turn baking into a fun game that your children can enjoy? If so, then it may be the perfect time to pick up the new Curious Chef Cookie Kit from Imagine Toys®.

Your children will find so much joy in this great new cookie kit for kids. Inside of the box, your little ones will discover a whisk, a rolling pin, a few cookie cutters, and other little children’s utensils to help make delicious treats in the oven. This fun cookie cutter set also comes with a set of baking instructions to make the process simple, and even provides a shopping list to make sure that you don’t forget anything when you head to the store. Baking with the kids has never been so fun and easy than with this comprehensive cookie kit from Imagine Toys®.

It’s Time for a Delicious Treat

Do you want to bake something delicious in the kitchen together with your kids? For a fun and interactive experience, grab these new cookie kits and head to the kitchen together.


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