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Nearly all children have an innate desire to build something with their own hands. Some kids like to play with building blocks and manufacture simple structures in the living room, while others like to head to the kitchen and build sculptures out of clay or other arts and crafts supplies.

At Imagine Toys®, we believe the desire to build is an extremely healthy one, and strive to provide a variety of toys you can build with that your children will love. The following are some of our favorite building toys that are available for your kids today.

Ants Go Marching Blocks

toys you can build withLet your child connect the trail of marching insects with the  Ants Go Marching Blocks building toy from Imagine Toys®. This is an excellent toy you can build with that will challenge your child the second he opens the box.

The premise of the toy is simple: it comes with 16 different wooden blocks, all of which contain a pattern of ants marching across the faces. Your child is tasked with stacking the blocks together and making the ants connect; fortunately, there are nearly limitless ways for the ants to meet one another on the blocks with this fantastic new building block toy for kids.

4-in-1 Dyna City Playset

90-pc building set

Would your child love to be fully in control of his very own city? Is he prepared to manage a whole system of roads, buildings, and other facilities around town? If so, then it may be time to bring home the wonderful 4-in-1 Dyna City Playset from Imagine Toys® today. This great new kids building set activity turns your little one into a city manager tasked with keeping the town running throughout the day.

Open up this great new kids’ building set and you will find everything required to run a functioning city, including a set of roads, a variety of different municipal facilities, and roads to take citizens to and from their destinations. In all, this great new kids’ building toy comes with 90 pieces that you can put together as a family.


Un Blocking Building ToyIf your child no longer feels challenged by regular wooden building blocks, consider changing things up by getting a new set of Un-Blocks from Imagine Toys® today. This wild new toy will revolutionize the way your child looks at building.

But what exactly are Un-Blocks? Similar to regular building blocks, Un-Blocks are made of wood and can be stacked upon one another to create a finished product. However, the difference lies in how they connect; all of the wooden blocks interlock with one another so that they won’t fall apart, which adds an entirely new dimension into the activity of building. Your child can create a whole new set of structures with this fun set of building blocks from Imagine Toys®.

Test Out a Toy for Building

Does your little one love to play with toys for building? If so, test out one of these great activities from Imagine Toys® and build something together as a family today.


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