Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Crafts to Match

Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, it is hard to believe with the beautiful weather that many of us have been having. You’ve probably seen the spooky displays in many stores. If you have been thinking about Halloween costumes for your kids, look no further than Imagine Toys. The great part about our costumes is that they can be used all year around for playing dress up.

Cinderella Dress

This beautiful Cinderella dress is sure to make your little one feel like a princess. Comes in sizes that fit 2-7 year old kids. You probably remember that Cinderella didn’t carry a wand, her fairy godmother did, but making a wand is so fun, we are suggesting it anyway.

Use a long, thin wooden dowel or a sturdy stick from the yard for the wand part. Borrow some cardboard from a package (perhaps when the Cinderella dress is delivered to your home) and cut out two star shapes. Use glue or paste to cover the stars with glue and douse them in glitter. You can even paint them before you glitter, maybe pink paint and silver glitter. The use super glue to glue the stars over the stick and you have a wand! Tie on ribbons or add tulle fabric for more pizzazz.

We also love the idea of using pipe cleaners and a popsicle stick to make a little mouse for Cinderella to carry with her. Use grey and pink pipe cleaners and wrap in spirals for the body, face, and ears. Use spare beads for the eyes and nose.

Cowgirl Dress Up set

Dad-blame it, our cowgirl costume is one that shines. With a pink cowboy hat with star, skirt, fringe vest, neck scarf, and removable sheriff’s badge. All this outfit needs is a pair of boots and a horse. You can make a hobby horse with your little cowgirl from just a sock, yarn, felt, twine, stuffing, fake eyes, and a dowel. Just stuff the sock with fabric scraps or poly stuffing. Then use a large eyed needle to thread the brown yarn through the head of the horse to make hair. Sew of felt ears with the brown thread. Use the twine to make a bridle and to tie the head onto your dowel. Glue on the eyes and you are good to ride off into the sunset. Follow the instructions here. Depending on your craft experience, you can easily make it in under an hour.

Astronaut space suit costume

Astronaut Dress Up Set

If your little one is ready to fly to the moon for Halloween, this Astronaut Dress Up set is the perfect costume. This set comes with a jumpsuit, helmet, gloves, and nametag. Perfect for play-time and Halloween. There are two great crafts to offset this costume and take it over the top. First, find a flashlight that works (next to impossible, we know), then use navy or black construction paper and cut it in a circle to fit in the lens of the flashlight. Look up some constellations and draw one onto your circle paper. Then use a thumb tack or large sewing needle to poke holes where each star is in the constellation. Tape it to your flashlight and you have a perfect accessory for trick-or-treating.

Another activity is to make rocket blasters for your astronaut. Take two 2-liter soda bottle and paint silver or cover with duct tape or tin foil. Cut out some tissue paper or fabric in orange and yellow and glue it in flame like patterns in the opening. Cut out a square piece of cardboard and glue fabric straps on one side, and hot glue the bottles on the other. Check out the step by step directions here.

Choose a great Halloween Costume for Your Kids this Year

Check out Imagine Toy’s amazing costume selection and make some fun, cool crafts this year.