Being Grateful this Year – Creating a Family Gratitude Jar

create a family gratitude jar

The holiday season is a time that many of us reflect on all that we have in our lives, and feel grateful for so many things we hold dear. And, to be sure, many of us have much to inspire gratitude over the holiday season, including a loving family, wonderful children, and the opportunity to spread cheer to others through giving gifts, volunteering our time, and simply being kind and generous.

Of course, while it is fairly easy to take note of our gratitude during the holidays, when we are asked to do so nearly everywhere we turn, many of us find ourselves forgetting about this as the year goes on. The same can be said for children; many show appreciation for the gifts they receive and the joy they feel in November and December, yet fail to do so six months later.

This year, we hope to inspire families across the nation to remain grateful for all they have, both during the holidays and beyond. And one of the best ways to do so is by creating a gratitude jar with the family. So if you want to try a fun activity with the kids, and develop a way to help appreciate your gratitude year-round, follow these simple steps to create a family gratitude jar this season.

Get the Materials You Need

There are truly only a few materials that you will need when creating a gratitude jar this year with your family. Ultimately, this fun and family-friendly arts and crafts project requires an empty mason jar for each participating member of the family, which will act as your gratitude jars. You will also need stickers or ribbon for each jar to label them for each family member, as well as some paper and a pair of scissors.

Get the Kids Together to Create a Family Gratitude Jar

To begin the process of creating a gratitude jar, gather the family together at a convenient time around the kitchen table. This works best when everyone has a bit of extra free time, and no one is worrying about the next activity they have to get done, or the next place they have to be.

Here, the goal is to develop a routine wherein you can find time to meet with each other for this function each day, or at least on a routine schedule each week. As such, it may be best to start this practice directly after dinner and before bed, or first thing in the morning while everyone is together in the kitchen.

Add Things You Are Grateful For

Once you have the family gathered around the kitchen table during a time convenient for everyone, begin by sharing with one another things you are grateful for. Once you have presented something that inspires your gratitude, as your children to do the same. Go around in a circle until each person has mentioned three or more things for which they are grateful in their lives. Make sure to write these down on pieces of paper, and place them inside of the jar.

And, in fact, the things that inspire your gratitude do not all have to fit along a similar pattern. You can keep them broad, such as your health and your happiness together as a family, or even the money to pay for basic living necessities and other luxuries; or, you can hone in on more specific things, such as having the opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve together, a great family vacation you took together this past year, or anything else comes to mind.

Use the Jar to Remain Grateful

After doing this for multiple sessions, your jar should soon be filled with things for which you and your family members are grateful; and now, you can use this in the future in two ways.

For one, during times you are feeling happy, healthy, and overall satisfied, simply look at the jar and feel grateful for all of the incredible things that you possess in your life. This is an excellent reminder to show our gratitude to the things important to us, especially during times that we forget.

Additionally, you can also turn to your own gratitude jar during more difficult times, when you are sad, unhealthy, or otherwise experience negative emotions. Here, pull a few pieces of paper out of the jar to read through all of the things for which you have felt grateful over the past year. While this may not be a solution to your problems, it can help shift your perspective to help you feel lucky for all that you have.

Creating a Family Gratitude Jar

Do you want to help yourself and your children remain grateful throughout the year for all that you have? If so, try these simple steps to create a family gratitude jar.

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