Creative Easter Themed Toys and Activities

Spring has arrived, which means that Easter is just around the corner. Easter is a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate, often participating in age-old family traditions for children and parents alike.

And Easter activities can involve much more than simply heading out to the backyard and engaging in an egg hunt with the kids. So get ready to have a blast this year, and test out a few of these fun Easter activities for kids.

Push Along Duck

Push Along Duck

Are you looking for a delightful toy to give to your toddler this year? Bring home the Push Along Duck Easter toy to help your little one take his or her first steps with the assistance of a cute wooden toy. This adorable kids’ toy comes in the shape of a baby duck, and makes flapping sounds when the wooden webbed feet strike the ground. This is a great Easter toy for children ages one and up, especially for those who are just now taking their first steps along the ground. Watch your little one walk upright this Easter with this fun kids activity from Imagine Toys®.

Egg Race Game

egg race game

What’s a springtime Easter celebration without an activity that involves a few painted eggs? This year though, instead of searching around the backyard for a few colorful eggs, get active and run around with them in your hands. All you need is the Egg Race Game from Imagine Toys® and some children who are ready to get up and get active. This sweet game adds a twist on an original idea: kids must hold their painted wooden eggs in their cup and race across the finish line. Of course, the first one to cross is the winner! This is a wonderful way to get your kids up and moving on this springtime holiday.

Pastel Plus-Plus Construction Set

creative construction set

Are you looking for a way to keep your little girls entertained on a family trip this Easter? Don’t waste any more time; head to the online store today and grab the Pastel Plus-Plus Construction Set from Imagine Toys® for a perfect Easter gift that will keep your little ones busy for the entire Sunday.

What makes this construction set such a fun treat for girls? Open up the box and you will find 300 small plastic pieces that come in seven different colors. All of the pieces have interlocking ends that connect with one another, allowing your daughter to make flat mosaic arts and crafts projects, or 3-D models that virtually come to life. This great kids’ arts and crafts toy encourages creativity, helps build fine motor skills, and is a wonderful activity to develop spatial thinking and reasoning.

Bunny Boo

bunny boo game

The Easter Bunny is such an important institution in homes throughout the entire United States. And for good reason; this is the creature that hides plenty of little goodies in plastic eggs, both in and out of the house. The Easter Bunny brings a sense of excitement to children’s lives when the spring season finally rolls around.

And if the Easter Bunny is planning on making an appearance in your house this year, you can add to the fun by surprising your little ones with the Bunny Boo as a fun Easter gift. This delightful Easter toy is a wonderful gift for kids ages two and up.

What exactly is the Bunny Boo? This fun kids’ stacking toy comes with three wooden blocks you can stack together, as well as one happy bunny who can duck into its hiding place, and pop out when its ready to see the world. And this cool kids’ toy even arrives with 60 different challenge toys that go along with a Bunny Boo game. Help teach your children basic concepts with this adorable Easter toy for kids.

Deluxe Kendama


Easter is a perfect holiday to spend outdoors with the whole family. Whether at a park, in the mountains, or even in your backyard, an outdoors excursion is a wonderful way to bond as a family, as well as help instill in your little ones a love for the great outdoors.

Of course, your children may need a bit of extra entertainment during an outdoor Easter holiday. And if so, don’t forget to bring along the Deluxe Kendama toy from Imagine Toys®. This sweet Japanese-inspired wooden toy helps test out fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and will keep your little ones busy and satisfied for the entire day.

Easter Activities for Kids and the Whole Family

Don’t let Easter pass without picking up a few things for your little ones. Head to the online store today and grab one or more of these fun Easter toys for kids.


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