Five Creative Ways to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Creative Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

As parents, the months of winter often present us with somewhat of a quandary: how to keep our children entertained on days when it’s just too cold or wet outside to play. To be sure, some days may present weather warm enough to head outside and have fun with the little ones; however, it is likely that a majority of the winter will be spent indoors, waiting until spring.

Of course, all this time spent inside can lead to the ‘winter blues,’ emotions of melancholy and boredom that creep in over time. This year, however, you can take a few steps to beat the winter blues and have a blast with the kids. So if you’re ready to enjoy the remainder of the colder months, try these five creative ways to beat the winter blues that the whole family will love.

Learn a New Dance with the Kids

Many children simply cannot help but moving and shaking when they hear music come on over speakers nearby. Some will start to move their hands slowly, and others will let loose and jump about to the rhythm of the beat.

So this winter, heat up the colder months a bit by cranking up the music in your home and having a dance party with the kids. You can put on some of your favorite tunes and dance the afternoon away while you wait for the warmer weather.

And for some added fun, you can teach your children a dance that you know, learn a new one together from online videos, or even create one your own using nothing but your imagination. Add some costumes to the mix and you’re ready to perform in front of an audience!

Dig Deep Through the Ice

Your home may be surrounded with ice – but the real fun starts with the ice inside the kitchen. Fill a few small plastic containers with toys or trinkets from around the house (this could include coins, plastic figures, or other small items), cover them with water, and place them in the freezer overnight. The next day, give each one of your children one of these frozen containers, and provide them with a kid-friendly digging tool, like a butter knife or small hammer. Then, get to work digging! Have your children excavate through the ice to dig out these fun toys, and give them a taste of life as a little paleontologist!

Play Indoor Basketball – with Your Socks

The basketball courts may be frozen over outside – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this wonderful sport from the comfort of your very own home with ‘sock basketball.’ To play sock basketball, grab a laundry basket and place it in the corner of one room. Then, roll up a few socks together to create a small ball. Start simple by taking shots from close distances. You can increase the difficulty by moving farther away from the basket, or by making trick shots by throwing the socks over your shoulders or even with your eyes closed. This fun creative winter activity helps build hand-eye coordination and allows you to enjoy yourself without leaving your house.

Make a Homemade Card

Traditional hand-written cards are somewhat of an ancient relic in today’s modern era. To be sure, invitations and thank you notes are often sent out on pre-existing cards picked up from the store, or even on e-cards through the Internet.

For a fun indoor winter activity consider bringing this tradition back to your home by creating a homemade card together with the kids. Each child can decorate their own card and write a message on the front and the inside. These can be thank you cards for gifts they received over the holidays, invitations for upcoming events, or even just cards to show their friends and family members how much they care about them this winter.

Make a Few Guesses

Finally, an excellent way to beat the winter blues this year is by setting up estimation challenges for your children, which can be fun and a great method of increasing your little ones’ quantitative abilities. To do this, start by picking a few small items in the home and having your children guess their dimensions; this may work well with small wooden blocks, utensils, or even chairs. If your children do well with smaller objects, move on to larger things such as furniture or even walls. Once they make a guess as to the size, use a ruler or measuring tape for an accurate answer and find out how close everyone was in their estimation.

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Are you looking for a few ways to beat the winter blues until spring arrives again? If so, try these great creative winter activities that are simple to set up and are a blast for the entire family.


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