Creative ways to dispose of Old Toys

You may be floored to hear a toy company say this, but we agree that you can have too many toys. In spite of your best efforts, even pleading with friends and family to stop giving you toys, you may have toys everywhere in your house. As toys slowly take over, first the kids’ rooms, then the basement, play area, garage, living room, and on, you may start thinking about how to get rid of the less loved toys.

Getting rid of toys is a twofold battle, sneaking them out before the kids see you, and deciding what to do with them. We can’t help you with the first, but we can with the second part. For the most part, whole toys are easy to deal with. Donating or passing on to a friend is easy. The question is what to do with the toys that are well loved, well worn, broken, or have pieces missing.

If you are looking for a few ideas to help you clear out old toys from the playroom, consider this short guide that will allow you to clear up extra space around your home.

Toy Drive for Children in Need

If you have used toys that can be lightly refurbished, consider donating those toys as well. Old stuffed animals can be washed, have new eyes sewn on, and stitched up. A few minutes of your time can help bring joy to children in your community or abroad.

And best of all, you can turn this action into a lesson in empathy. They may even be able to help you find missing pieces or sew seams. Tell your children that you want to collect a few toys to give away to other kids who don’t have as many nice toys. By informing them of the purpose, your children may feel proud to part with some of their games if they are going towards other little ones in the area who need help.

Recycle the Materials

Do you have numerous toys sitting in your children’s playroom that are made of wood or other natural materials? Or is the room filled with different plastic toys that are gathering dust? Depending on the specific material of the toys in your playroom, you may be able to recycle the toys altogether. Toys made of wood, bamboo, or other natural materials are generally easy to recycle; toys made of plastic may still be recycled, although this may ultimately depend on the specific type of plastic, or on a variety of other factors. Reach out to a local recycling center to ask about any policies they may have regarding recycled toys, or any other information they can provide. Electronic toys can be recycled as well, though not curbside. You can visit a local recycling center or donate to a company that will use the parts in new toys.

You can also repurpose old game pieces and puzzle pieces into crafts and school projects. Use boxes for coloring or make a diorama. Cut out game boards and use in crafts or school. Puzzle pieces can be painted and glued into art projects for 3D effects.

Hold a Garage Sale

Sorting through old toys in your children’s playroom also often acts as the perfect opportunity to get rid of a few things that you may no longer use anymore either. Many of us hold onto numerous items that are sentimental or always thought we would use someday, that we simply stop using after a period of time.

What’s one of the best ways to get rid of junk together as a family? Simple – a garage sale. A garage sale is a fun activity that requires only a small amount of setup, and lets the family bond together as they part with a few unused items in the house. And best of all, it leaves you with a little bit of extra cash that you can use for something fun, such as a night out on the town, or even for a family trip.

Organize a Mom Toy Swap

As you are getting rid of toys your kids have outgrown or stopped using, many other parents are facing the same problem. Get together with a couple of friends and let a new owner love your kid’s old toys. Your kids will also love the gently used toys that they will get. Win-win, right?

What to Do with Old Toys

As a parent, it can be difficult to decide what to do with old toys that your children no longer use. Consider these great old toy uses to re-purpose a few old toys and even help others in need.

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