Dance Energy Away & Make Music

There is no doubt about it – little kids always seem to be moving around, especially when there is music in the air. Something about fun rhythms and catchy melodies cause children to tap their feet, hum along, and even shake and dance about wherever they are. And it’s healthy, too – by dancing around to the rhythm and melodies of the music, your child is dancing away some of the energy pent up inside of them, and engaging in a healthy activity.

Here at Imagine Toys®, we love it when children get up, shake about, and dance along to the music – and we also enjoy when it is the children who are actually creating the music themselves. So this year, to help your little dancer and musician create their own music, we are offering a fun toy piano mat that is perfect for kids.

Dance Around on the Toy Piano Mat and Make Music at Home

Your child doesn’t need to be a classical pianist to make beautiful music that resonates through the halls of your home. Instead, all they need is the new Step-to-Play Giant Piano Mat from Imagine Toys® and a whole lot of energy. This giant piano mat is the perfect toy for any little one that can’t seem to sit still, and that loves dancing around whenever they have the chance.

To get started, place this fun toy piano mat on the living room floor, put your child in front of it, and watch them dance on the giant ivory keys, making music with each step. Every time your child steps on one of the large white keys, a note will be emitted; the note can be played in the sound of a piano, harp, banjo, xylophone, flute, violin or even a trumpet. Your child can just improvise for a few songs while they get the hang of their new instrument; and once they are ready, this toy allows you to record the music and play it back for later.

If you have a burgeoning musician and dancer in the house, then it’s time to set them up with a new toy piano mat of their own.

It’s Time to Get Our Kids Up and Active

Beyond being a great toy for kids that love music, the Step-to-Play Giant Piano Mat is also a wonderful way to get your child up and active. Many children nowadays lead sedentary lifestyles, leading to significant health and development problems later on in life. By having your child create their own music, all while getting up and dancing around, you are contributing to their health and success in the future.

Play a Sweet Melody with Your Child Today

Don’t spend any more time without sweet music in the halls of your home. Just pick up this new piano mat toy, and get ready to hear a new composition from the child you love.