Do Your Kids Love to Investigate? 4 Toys for Your Little Sleuth

As parents, many of us are quite familiar with the curious nature of newborns, toddlers, and even school-aged children. We may come into the kitchen, only to find that our entire set of drawers have been turned upside down; or we may wander into our closets only to find all of our clothes have been dumped on the ground by a pair of curious kids.

Of course, it’s wonderful that children have a curious spirit and are always interested in investigating new ideas and areas; however, it can be unpleasant to always have to clean up another mess. So this year, instead of quelling your little ones’ urge to investigate, encourage it with family-friendly activities that don’t require a significant cleanup. In fact, you can avoid the mess and help your children explore the rest of the world with these four fantastic toys for kid detectives who love to sleuth.

Do Your Kids Love to Investigate? 4 Toys for Your Little Sleuth

Spot the Beauty in Nature

While summer is finally over and the chilly breeze of autumn is taking hold, the temperatures may still be warm enough to go on a family walk together after school or on the weekends. And to add some fun to the mix, bring along the Wilderness Telescope + Compass for your little ones. This sweet detective toy comes with a telescope with 10x25 magnification, as well as a compass to help you tell the direction in which you are traveling. Using this telescope your children can explore the great outdoors and spot all of the wondrous beauty that surrounds us in nature. They can spot birds nesting in trees in the park, or even take a look at the moon as it peeks its head out into the sky. Your kids will feel like true nature sleuths with this awesome toy for children.

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Spy From Above

Wouldn’t your little ones love a toy that would let them peer out over crowds from almost three feet above their heads? Well now they can do exactly that with the Periscope toy for kids. This awesome toy for kid detectives is an excellent option for any little ones who want to gain an entirely new perspective on the world right in front of their eyes.

What is so great about this detective toy for children? Most importantly, it comes with an adjustable handle and can telescope from 21 to 29 inches towards the sky. Using this awesome periscope toy, your little ones can see things in front of them as if they were nearly three feet taller. This will give them a different perspective and help them sleuth around and see things previously unseen.

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Treasure Beneath Our Feet

Not all treasure can be found by using a telescope or periscope, or even with our own two eyes. In fact, there is often so much treasure buried beneath the ground right under our feet, and which our eyes miss entirely.

But this year, your children can rediscover all of the buried treasure in the neighborhood with the Treasure Hunter Metal Detector toy for little ones. This is a great toy for a patient sleuth who is willing to search for hidden treasure.

How does this detective toy work? Using a 9-volt battery and a sensor ring, kids can swing this awesome toy across the ground to search for buried treasure. Once your child has swung the toy over a piece of metal beneath the ground, a red light will begin flashing on the sensor ring to alert you of the treasure. This is a great toy to bring to a local park or to a beach where the ground is soft and there are plenty of items waiting to be found beneath the surface.

Nancy B's Crime Solver Scope

Solve a Crime with a Telescope and Microscope

Do your children love to investigate oddities and solve crimes or other matters that may have occurred throughout the house? If so, then they will certainly love Nancy B’s Crime Solver Scope, an awesome telescope/microscope pair that comes complete with a forensic activity journal as well. This sweet detective toy allows your little ones to spot movement far away using the telescope function, look at images close up using the microscope, and record their findings in the forensic activity journal as well. Your little ones can solve crimes around the house and in the backyard using this sweet sleuth and detective toy for kids. And best of all, the journal comes with plenty of instructions to help your children learn about forensic techniques as well.

Solving Crimes at Home

Are your little ones ready to solve crimes around the house and put their curious nature to work finding treasure? If so, consider bringing home one or more of these awesome toys for kid detectives and get ready for an exciting adventure.


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