Does Your Child Have an Eye for Design & Fashion? 5 Toys They Will Love

Some children truly have an eye for fashion and clothing design. Where some of us see nothing more than a pair of pants and a shirt, or a skirt and a blouse, budding designers see a brand-new canvas of unlimited possibilities. These young designers utilize any of the arts and crafts supplies at their disposal to create beautiful works of art that can be worn to school, to playdates with friends, or anywhere else you choose to go.

Does your child have a knack for fashion, or for arts and crafts in general? Does he or she constantly have a desire to match new outfits together, or to even alter and modify clothing in new and fashionable ways? If so, then don’t hesitate to bring home these great fashion toys for kids who love design as a surprise for your little ones this year.

Does Your Child Have an Eye for Design & Fashion? 5 Toys They Will Love

Start From the Top

One of the best ways to get your child involved in basic fashion is by allowing him or her to play around with different types of accessories, which provide a smaller medium with which to work. And now, with the Fashion Headbands for kids, you can help your little girl create a beautiful set of adorable headbands for her and some of her closest friends. This fun toy for kids who love fashion is an excellent option for child over the age of five, and is perfect for a variety of activities, including playtime, arts and crafts sessions, and even sleepovers with others. Your daughter can use feathers, rhinestones, flowers, and more as accessories to add in order to create ten beautiful headbands that she will love.

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Make Beautiful Jewelry

Is your daughter intrigued by jewelry that sparkles and shines? While you may not be able to surprise her with a diamond or another precious stone, you can help her create her very own dazzling jewelry with the X-Loom for kids. This wonderful design toy comes with 3,400 beads, eight jump rings, six buttons and six clamps, two colors of sewing thread, two needles with a threader, and much more, all of which can be used to create stylish jewelry, including friendship bracelets and other keepsakes. Turn your little girl into a stylish jewelry designer with this great toy for kids who love fashion.

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Friendship Bracelets Are Forever

Do your children want to create lasting pieces of jewelry they can give away to symbolize their friendship? If that sounds like your child, then he or she may love the Basic FunLoom Kit available today. This great fashion toy comes with everything your children could possibly need to create stylish and sentimental friendship bracelets for all of their friends. Within this toy set you will find 300 different bands, a hook, and a loom whereon your little ones can begin crafting a set of bracelets. This toy is perfect for kids ages five and up who love to create beautiful jewelry with their very own two hands.

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Design an Entire Room

Of course, not all fashion and design revolves around clothing and jewelry. In fact, many children find spatial design to be just as rewarding, which may include rearranging their bedroom or playroom in a crafty and stylish way.

But instead of shifting furniture around all of the time, you can simply offer your child the Roominate Studio. This awesome toy for kids who love design is a perfect alternative; it lets your child design an entire room using furniture building pieces, wall and floor panels, and craft paper and cutouts. And it also includes a battery pack and motor switch that can power elevators, spinning windmills, and even a carousel. Your little designer will love this toy for kids who love fashion.

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Mix and Match Fashions

For many fashionistas, much of the design process occurs in the absence of clothes entirely. To be sure, fashion designers may spend hours sketching their new designs on sheets of paper before they come to life.

And if your little one has a sense of fashion and a vivid imagination, then he or she will love the Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit. This classic toy comes with modern, updated fashions, which allows your little one to mix and match fashion designs. Altogether this comes with 20 sheets of design paper, 15 double-sided rubbing plates, eight color pencils, a fashion folio with a design guide, and even a carry-along case so your child can bring it along wherever he or she chooses to go.

Toys for Your Little Fashionista

Does your little one love to mix and match fashions, create new and beautiful pieces of jewelry, or even rearrange his or her own room? If so, don’t hesitate to bring home these great design toys today that your little ones will truly love.


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